A New Face Peers Through the Fence

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. It seems that a new Limbo kitty has appeared in our neighborhood. The Guardians met him recently when they saw him peering at them through the neighbor’s fence.

Cat peering through fence

A new Limbo kitty has appeared. He was looking at the Guardians through the fence.

Even though I’m pretty sure this new kitty is a boy, the Guardians have been calling him Bessie. Ever since we were all fooled by Whisper, the Guardians seem to have stopped caring about gender specific names for kitties. At least I think that’s what’s going on. Why else would they call a boy cat Bessie? Humans are so weird sometimes.


OK, now that I look at him, he really does look like a Bessie.

Confusing name aside, one thing about Bessie is for certain- his people let him roam free in the world without walls. He is a Limbo kitty, more commonly referred to as an indoor/outdoor cat. Statistically speaking, his life will likely be much shorter than a cat that is always safely confined. He will be more susceptible to diseases, parasites, and a host of life-threatening dangers. He may even end up on one of the dozens of lost cat posters that show up on telephone poles in our neighborhood each year.

The Guardians will do what they can to keep him safe when he visits their yard, but that is no substitute for the constant protection Bessie’s own guardians should be giving him. If your kitty meows at the door to go outside consider this: If you say “no” to your kitty, it may result in his temporary disappointment. If you say “yes” to your kitty, it may result in his premature death. And actually, you can build an outdoor enclosure or teach kitty to walk on a leash so you can say “yes” without endangering his life.

There are too many Limbo kitties like Bessie out there already. Don’t put your kitties in that situation. Join The Cult of Otis in our crusade to ensure that every kitty is happy, healthy and safely confined.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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37 responses to “A New Face Peers Through the Fence

  1. 2 cats

    Bessie sure is handsome/beautiful whether he/she is a boy or a girl!

  2. Heather

    What an adorable kitty! How on earth do owners of indoor/outdoor long haired cats keep them groomed? It seems that leaves, twigs, and cod knows what else would get stuck in there.

    What has happened to Nacho and Cookie–Mama cat’s relatives? What about Stanley and Whisper?

    • Well… I know the Guardians of Otis end up cutting out mats and grooming lots of long-haired Limbo kitties, so I don’t think the owners really do keep them groomed. Nacho disappeared. His former guardian thinks he was taken in by a neighbor down the street, but he doesn’t know for sure. Cookie is still around. Actually, she will likely appear in the blog again soon. Stanley is also still around. He visits for catnip periodically. Whisper disappeared. The Guardians think his family might have moved away.

      – Brother Oliver

  3. Cat is instinctively looking for safe haven. Basically the owners are dumping their responsibilities on the neighborhood – trusting on the kindness of strangers and the benevolence of the environment to keep their cat safe and happy. (and it’s just so much easier). No wonder cats wander off looking for a better home…while their hear is breaking. Take care Bessie!
    Otis, we purr with you for her.

  4. Limbo kitty is really gorgeous. I think I would like to play with Limbo kitty:) XOXO – Bacon

  5. I agree with Heather about the grooming issues, but while I also have known owners who say the cat “really, really” wanted out and just raced out as soon as the door opened, it seemed to happen over and over again with the same people. I thought they should have been more careful, especially after their darling red Persian was hit by a car.
    Excellent post. Thanks, Otis! Be nice to Bessie; she might come from a careless family.

    • So sad that people have difficulty learning the lesson when their kitty is killed by a car. 😦 We will definitely all be very nice to Bessie, Marylin! – Brother Oliver

  6. It is so funny that you should mention this Otis! My sister had 3 kittens born in her back yard and she has been feeding them and now that they are older, she decided to take them in! I was SOOO happy because she is not a cat person but she really fell in love with these kittens. I’ve been helping her with kitten food and as soon as they trust her a bit more she can bring them inside, we will then take them to the vet to get looked at.

  7. So cute! I love black and white cats!

  8. Why, why, why do Guardians act like this? The outdoor world is unsafe for cats unless confined in a catio. or outdoor safe enclosure or on harness. I don’t care if one lives in a rural area where “my cat is safe, no cars”…what about coyotes, racoons, skunks, loose dogs, mean children and hateful adults???? Ok, I am preaching to the choir; hope Bessie stays safe, Savannah

  9. CindyD

    I used to have indoor/outdoor kitties, but finally came to my senses. I’ve had 8 cats (down to 5 now) that are ONLY indoor. I had a screened in porch built that I told people was for me. I lied. It was for my kitties. They love it!! I seldom use it, but I get real pleasure from seeing them settle themselves in the sun…as they are doing right now. Sunny day in the Shenandoah Valley!

    • That is so great that you built your kitties a catio! I think you should tell all that will listen who that porch is really for, Cindy. You are a shining example of a true kitty Guardian! – Brother Oliver

  10. mistletoeandhitch

    Amen, Brother Oliver, Amen!

  11. emilykarn

    Bessie is pretty. We hope that his/her Guardian wises up. When we leave the House, we do so in the comfort and security of our Traveling Places. Bandit, selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

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  13. Reblogging! Thanks for the help convincing adopters to keep their kitties safe inside.

  14. Reblogged this on Adopt A LAPCAT and commented:
    Please consider a catio for your kitties! Hubby and I made one out of a modified 10′ X 10′ dog kennel and our cats LOVE it! And it solved the door-rush problem. Easy to maintain and put up too.

  15. Yow Otis sum Hu’manz ARE Guardianz & sum are IDIOTZ!!! Poor Limbo Bessie…bein betwixt n between!!! me Mum used to care fer a Limbo kitty named Monty when we lived on da West Hill! She took care of him for almost 11 yearz befur we moved down to da Brooke area. Da last fing Mum did fer Monty waz write a letter to da IDIOT Hu’manz sayin we were movin away n wuud not be dere to care fer Monty n she put in hiz blankie, hiz toyz n lotz of canned cat food he liked!!! Mum keepz in touch wif da our old Landlady n Monty iz still alive but not goin out much anymore….he still comez lookin fer uz too. DAT made Mum get leaky eyez…she felt dat she ‘bandoned Monty but he HAZ a home!!! So now Mum rescuez kittehz who come to our place here….she wuud never tern a kitteh away n alwayz sendz dem to da No-Kill Shelter!!!!
    Me MUM iz a true Guardian don’t ya fink?????
    Lub Nylablue xo

  16. Aww, he’s so cute and friendly! He reminds me of Oreo, the limbo kitty who lives in back of my grandma’s and loves to play with visiting humans. At least she wears a collar, so we know she has her shots. It also provides us with a way to contact her humans if she needs their help. The humans who own her used to have a lot of “limbo kitties” running around with no tags, but in recent years they’ve gotten better at keeping track of their pets. (I’m not sure they even knew how many cats they had 15 years ago.) Either that or a new set of people live there now, I wouldn’t know.

  17. Bessie sure is good looking. We’re sorry his/her family allows him/her to wander outside unsupervised. We’re glad the Guardians will protect him/her while they can.

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