Little Diggy-guy Down

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. There will probably not be anything new to report about Leader Otis’s condition until he has his next Bad Place visit, but The Brothers and I are going to continue to take turns updating the blog until The Leader feels better. Sadly, today I have the death of another wildling at the paws and jaws of the Limbo kitties to report. In the backyard, the Guardians discovered the chewed body of one of the little diggy-guys that help them aerate their garden. I heard them refer to the diggy-guy as “Mole”, so I guess that was his name. The poor little guy’s digging days have come to a premature end.

Cat killed Mole

The Limbo Kitties killed one of the little diggy-guys in the garden. Poor little guy.

The Guardians don’t think Mama Cat was the culprit in this wildlife killing. They saw at least three other cats in the yard on the day the diggy-guy’s body turned up. Also, Mama did not seem particularly interested in presenting the diggy-guy as a gift to the Guardians, the way she did when she killed a crunchy birdie a few weeks ago.

Mama Cat looking uninterested

We don’t think Mama killed the doggy-guy. There were three other Limbo Kitties in the yard on the day he was found.

Regardless of who crunched the diggy-guy, I could tell it made the Guardians sad. As with the birdie that Mama crunched, they decided to make sure the little diggy-guy’s death was not completely in vain. They placed his body on a table in the backyard, where it would be highly visible to the neighborhood crows. I guess the crows are currently raising crunchy baby crows, and the Guardians thought they might like to feed the diggy-guy to the babies. Sure enough, less than 20 minutes after they put the diggy-guy on the table, I saw a huge, crunchy crow flying away with the body. I watched from a window as I was safely confined inside the house. If all kitties were kept so, the little diggy-guy would still be out there digging, and the kitties themselves would have longer, healthier lives.

Thomas Out

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18 responses to “Little Diggy-guy Down

  1. As long as a wiener dog was not responsible! Poor little diggy-guy.

    We are purring for Leader Otis–and your Guardians too. We imagine they are quite worried.

    • If it had been a wiener dog, I bet the little diggy-guy would have been completely demolished. Those wieners are extremely vicious! Thank you for the purrs Katnip Lounge. We all Appreciate it. – Thomas

  2. Poor diggy-guy. We’re glad your Guardians made him available as a meal to the crunchy crows so their young could be fed.

    We’ll keep purring for leader Otis and for all of you while you wait for more news.

  3. expectantmummy

    Rip diggy-guy and get better soon Leader Otis x

  4. Your guardians are unusually kind to small animals Thomas. I know people who’d be all to glad to have their local Limbo Kitties crunch a few “little diggy-guys” in their backyards.

    • Yeah, I heard the Guardians say that some people don’t like the diggy-guys because they make mounds and burrows in their yard. I didn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want mounds and burrows in their yard! Grassy lawns are so boring. And, from what I can tell, they also seem to be fairly useless to most living things. The Guardians seem to like being surrounded by wildlings like the diggy-guys. I’m glad, because I like to watch all those wildlings! – Thomas

  5. Nijinsky cat

    A most excellent post. Crows are so smart. Glad to see the wildling was “recycled” so quickly. Meow.

  6. We’re sorry about diggy-guy. Though some humans don’t like diggy-guys because they do a little too much diggy in their yards. At least the crows had a good meal.

    • I don’t understand the idea of “too much diggy”. The Guardians seem to think that the diggy is good for something called “air-a-shun”. I guess it helps the plants somehow. They also say that the little diggy-guy mounds add a touch of life to an otherwise boring matt of grass. I tend to agree. – Thomas

  7. Around here it’s the small dogs that go after the diggy guys. The cats are probably giving the orders and using minions to keep their paws clean?

  8. It is very sad indeed, but like Phil said, us dogs are also guilty of killing little diggy guys.

  9. Rest In peace Diggy guy!!! Yer Guardianz were smart to give him to da crowz…dey will be happy n Diggy guy’z death was not in vain!!!
    We had a Diggy Guy here 3 yearz ago. Mum named him “Lowell da Mole” n he was so cute!!! He wuud come out durin da day n run into me condo wif me….at ferst me wanted to smack him but Mum xplained dat he waz a purrecious critter n we don not smack or eat our furendz 😉
    So we kind of became furendz. Den during da long cold Winter Mum n me saw sumfing on da patio….Mum put her glassez on n shure enuff it waz Lowell frozen on his back in da middle of da patio…..dere waz leaky eyez frum both of us!! Mum took white papurr towel n went out n wrapped Lowell up n den put him in a tiny piece of material. She den laid his wrapped body in a big shell under da Ivy til Spring time…..den she buried him in our wee garden n put Toebacko down (it iz sunfing she doez speshell) n said a purrayer fer Lowell….WE shure share alot in commin don’t we???
    Much lub frum Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

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