I Am Instituting Additional Security Measures.

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. First of all, there is no new news to report about The Leader’s condition except that I heard the Guardians say they have made another appointment for Him on June 3. I believe this is with the “nurr-all-o-jist” that Thomas mentioned yesterday. For now though, The Leader is staying in high spirits despite His difficulties. He is eating, drinking and purring loudly when the Guardians brush Him and give Him treats. I take that as a good sign.

So, while The Leader is dealing with these health challenges, I am instituting additional security measures to keep Him safe. I started off by doing a thorough security sweep of His entire Indoor and Outdoor Domains. I thought I had found a breach in the outer wall of the Outdoor Domain, but closer inspection showed that it was just a result of the Guardians’ questionable building skills.

Henry inpecting enclosure

I thought this loose wire meant there was a breach in the outer wall. In reality, it just meant there was a breach in the Guardians’ attention to detail.

As agents of The Long-feared Dog Uprising are undoubtedly aware of The Leader’s vulnerable condition, I have placed Brother Oliver on sentinel duty in the front window. He is to keep his eyes peeled at all times for any sign that we are about to be attacked by the mongrel horde. I have to keep an eye on him though because he easily becomes distracted by his own reflection in the window.

Oliver in window

Brother Oliver is watching for signs of the mongrel horde… when he is not admiring his own reflection.

I have also decided to take this opportunity to further the training of Junior Agent T. We have been having nightly meetings on the posing benches in the living room, during which I brief him on the latest intelligence and answer all of his security related questions. Strangely, most of his questions seem to be about elaborate scenarios involving attacks by one or more wiener dogs.

Henry and Thomas in living room

I have been briefing Junior Agent T and answer all of his questions… which are mostly about wiener dogs.

Now I must be off to perform another patrol of the perimeter. The Leader is hanging in there, but we’re going to make sure that He has nothing else to worry about while the Guardians continue to do all in their power to find out why He feels bad and how to make Him feel better.

So Says Brother Henry

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18 responses to “I Am Instituting Additional Security Measures.

  1. Thank Cod Leader O has you Brother Henry. Junior Agent T will be useful I am sure. Paws crossed Leader O keeps eating and drinking. Paw hugs, Savannah

  2. Wildcat

    I hope the Leader feels better soon. He is so lucky to have excellant caretakers to help.

  3. you guys are doing a great security job over there. let the Leader know we are thinking about him!!

  4. Aw, poor Otis! Send him my hugs and purrs please! We hope they figure it out soon and that he’s back to his old self in no time. You guys are doing a great job keeping him safe!

  5. You are an Officer and a Gentlecat Brother Henry. We are glad that Leader Otis and the Guardians have you, Jr. Agent T and Brother Oliver to depend on. Just one small point we have picked up from our Double Agent, Lizzie. it seems that the infamous Wiener Dogs have a dislike of wet weather. apparently their short legs make wet grass and puddles a problem. we are unable to confirm if this is wide spread through their ranks, but perhaps this information can be useful. We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open on this coast.
    Mistletoe & Hitch, Out


    • Thank you for this valuable piece of intelligence, M and H! I am sure this knowledge will come in handy in the event that the LFDU comes to pass. I’m also sure it will come in handy in allowing Thomas to relax whenever it rains. πŸ˜‰ – Brother Henry

  6. Brother Henry, the Leader will sure to be safe with you taking care of him.

  7. Hugs and purrs to Otis (and a few for the Guardians, who have to wait for what must seem like an awfully long time for answers).

  8. Looks like Brother Otis is in safe and capable hands..despite some glaring building code issue that the guardians have missed,i feel sure that the weiner dogs will stay well out of the compound..i believe they are indeed built more for low level attacks..and clearly Brother Henry you are all keeping up with the training in recatasence…love to the poorly Brother Otis and his building challenged Guardians πŸ™‚ xx

  9. Pawsum Brother Thomas organizin eberyfing so well….me n Mum was rofwl over da fact dat Brother Oliver waz lookin at himself when he was apposta be lookin OUT da window n standin guard!!!!
    Gudd fing you have Junior Agent T dere to train n assist ya as Leader Otis mendz…as you can see we iz BERY far beehind on readin yer bloggiez n me iz puttin me paw down makin Mum stay on da futon til we iz ALL caught up πŸ˜‰
    Yer furend Nylablue xo

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