Still Seeking An Answer

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Leader Otis spent all day at The Bad Place yesterday undergoing an ultrasound. When the Guardians brought Him home, I overheard them talking and they said that nothing abnormal was found. Poor Leader Otis was exhausted, and He looked relieved just to plop down in the sun on the living room floor. When He laid down, I noticed a shaved patch on His belly from the ultrasound. I felt really bad for Him because He only recently finished growing back the hair on His leg from His Hipsterectomy surgery. Now He has an all new bald patch!

Otis after returning from the vet, 052213-8

Leader Otis was very tired when He returned home from The Bad Place. He also had a bare belly.

I guess Leader Otis also received something that really upset him called an “inn-a-muh” or something. It sounded like it was uncomfortable, and He wasn’t sure what it was supposed to do. He tried to clean himself up a bit, and as He did so Brother Henry gave Him a quick sniff-spection to see if He was OK.

Otis after returning from the vet, 052213-11

Leader Otis tried to clean Himself up while Brother Henry gave Him a once over to see how He was doing.

After sitting around for a little bit, Leader Otis made His way to the litter box from which He reported that He had figured out what the purpose of the “inn-a-muh” was. He didn’t elaborate too much, but He did say that maybe they should change the name to an “out-a-muh”. I have no idea what He meant. I do know that the Guardians gave The Leader a good cleaning after that litter box visit though, so whatever happened must have been messy.

Although The Leader’s day had been extremely rough, He still seemed to be in good spirits. He even took a little time to annoy Brother Oliver by playing with his tail.

Otis playing with Oliver's tail after returning from the vet, 052213-3

The Leader was tired, but not so tired that He couldn’t play with Brother Oliver’s tail.

We’re all still very worried, because Leader Otis is definitely still feeling bad and we can’t figure out the cause. The Guardians were talking about the next steps they needed to take, and it sounds like The Leader will have to go see someone called a “nurr-all-o-jist” I guess it’s someone at a special Bad Place that knows a lot about nerves and brains. I don’t know what it all means, and neither do the Guardians, but I’ll Β try to pass along any new information I get as it becomes available.

Thanks again for all of the kind and supportive comments. I know The Leader can feel the love.

Thomas Out

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28 responses to “Still Seeking An Answer

  1. oh Otis xxxxx big furry hugs. PS: mum brought us one of those benches πŸ™‚

  2. Nijinsky cat

    Purrrs. Thanks for the update Thomas. I so hate medical mysteries. Let’s purr that the vet can quickly determine – and fix – whatever is bothering Leader Otis! Meow meow meow

  3. Oh, what a saga, Thomas! I’m so sorry to hear that Leader Otis is sitll feeling bad… Please tell him I wish good luck with the next steps and will keep sending the best of vibes for His recovery!

  4. Joe

    I feel for Otis and the guardians. It is SO frustrating when tests don’t discover what is wrong. I’ve been there with two of mine and they never figured it out. I pray he gets better.

  5. I liked this post cuz the ultrasound showed nothing. Now scared about the newer-all-ahgist visit. My foster brofur Leo is having that ultra sound thingy today…he still is not eating and started to toss up some of his tube feeding last two days. Was crossed for Leader O. I luvluvluv him…Thomas, thank you for your reports. Paw pats, Savvy

  6. Sending even more loves and purrs. Bless the Guardians for their willingness to keep searching for answers. It is not easy (or cheap).

  7. A soft dog named Pedey and a wicked pet pig named Piper in Houston send Otis lots of love and healing vibes.

  8. We’re sending lots of worried purrs for Leader Otis.Your Guardians are very dedicated and loving, to keep searching for the answer to why you aren’t feeling well. We hope the nurr-all-o-jist has an answer and can get the Leader feeling well soon.

  9. All the purrs, pats, and hugs to the Leader! Nymeria and I are thinking about him every day.

  10. Joy

    What exactly are his symptoms?
    I hope he’ll be alright! Sending my purrs.

    • His symptoms are muscle weakness/shakiness, difficulty walking, constipation and weight loss, Joy. He’s still the same kitty mentally, but his body doesn’t seem to be cooperating right now. 😦

  11. I’m glad the Brothers are being so supportive and resisting the urge to hide or hiss at the smell of “bad place” like my cats always do.

  12. Thomas, please tell the Leader Otis that I had to have one of those inn-a-muh thingeys and I totally sympathize with him. We continue to purr for him and hope he is okay.


  13. Thanks for the updates. My cats are expert purrologists, and they say you and the brothers are doing a great job of being supportive.

  14. Thomas,thank you for the update – Otis looked pretty limp – but he’s had so much unknowns to deal with. Encouraging to see him distracted by a tail!
    Purrs of strength and hope to Otis – and soft head butt to considerate Thomas…OK and a paw wave to Oliver for use of his tail!

  15. emilykarn

    Our purrs to Otis, the Brothers and the Guardians. Good luck withthe tests. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  16. Thanks everyone! I will pass your kind thoughts and purrs along to The Leader.

    – Thomas

  17. I think not knowing is the hardest thing of all … specially when our furry companions can’t tell us what hurts … all digits still crossed for Otis and everyone.

  18. I can only imagine how upset you all are not knowing what’s wrong – not knowing is the worst part! But tell the little guy if anyone can pull off a part shaved look it is him!

  19. Oh poor Otis 😦 😦 😦 Is he eating and still losing weight or has his appetite dropped? It must be so hard for the guardians to see him in pain 😦 good to see the rest of you are helping and it’s nice that he is still interested in tails πŸ™‚ It’s a shame he can’t tell the guardians exactly what he feels is wrong, it makes it much harder to diagnose.

  20. Thank you for keeping us all updated, Thomas. I can imagine how worried everyone there is for Leader Otis. We will continue sending the healing purrs and prayers.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  21. ena

    Buster and I are so sorry to hear that Otis is having problems. No stranger to problems himself, Buster is very sympathetic. Many purrs and prayers for a solution.

  22. Yow me haz herd of da Inn-a-Ma Brother Thomas n it iz to make us poop!!! Me agreez wif shuud be named an Out-a-ma fer shure!!! Me almost had one when me waz sick a long time ago. Mum gave me Petromalt YUCKY stuff in a tube n dat werked well…cause when she said Inn-a-Ma me waz like ‘No Way Mum!!’ Now she just bringz da tube out n me goes potty fer her… πŸ˜‰
    Da speshell Vet purrson will bee able to figure out what iz goin on n hopefully bee able to fix Leader Otis……
    Mum haz gone to diz kind of Speshellist befur n dey helped her…
    We iz keepin Leader Otis in our purrayerz here!
    Lub n pawsitive healin frum Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

  23. OH MY. A Dog of my acquaintance recently had to have a DOZEN in’n outemas. Good for you perhaps but…….We’ve been following this saga with some concern, Leader. If we can be of any assistance to you, as we have with other kitties, send us an email? After all, Bears have great Paws. We’re rooting for you, for sure!

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