The Leader Gets An Ultrasound Today

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. So, Leader Otis is off to The Bad Place again today to get something the Guardians referred to as an “ultrasound”. I guess it helps the good people at The Bad Place see what is going on inside Leader Otis without actually going in there. Sounds like magic to me. The Leader spent some time with me in Kitty Valhalla yesterday.  I was kind of unsure about what I should do or say, so I just tried to sit with him and not freak out or anything. I get the sense the Guardians are doing the same thing right now.

Thomas and Otis in Valhalla

The Leader spent some time with me in Kitty Valhalla yesterday. I just sat quietly with him and tried not to lose my stuff.

Hopefully we will have some answers about why Leader Otis is feeling so bad after today’s tests. I’ve really grown fond of him in the nine months since the Guardians swept me up in The Capture, and I wish there was something I could do to make him feel better. Right now I will just try to send positive thoughts and purrs his way, and I hope that you will do the same.

Thomas Out

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22 responses to “The Leader Gets An Ultrasound Today

  1. Goodluck Otis we are thinking of you and hoping for a pawsative outcome…Get well SOON! xxxxxxxxx

  2. More good karma flowing Leader Otis’ way!

  3. All paws crossed for you Otis xxx

  4. Sending warm quiet thoughts, Otis! Be brave. Guardians are doing their best to help and not make you uncomfortable! (RC is worriedly offering to hold up a mousie to the screen as comfort – she knows sometimes the only thing allowed in the bad place are your thoughts – and maybe a soft towel from home. She plans to purr strength, too.)

  5. Sending love and strength and courage to you and the Brothers and the Leader and the Guardians.

  6. Sending you all loving purrs and strengthening prayers. Crossing our fingers and paws too, cause a little luck never hurts.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  7. Purrs, Otis. I hope you get some answers soon.

  8. We are all purring for Leader Otis. We hate it when our friends aren’t feeling well. *Purrs*

  9. Batya Harlow

    Many, many purrs that all will be well.

  10. Prayers and positive thoughts for a quick diagnosis and speedy recovery from Herald, CA! Not good for kitties to not feel well!

  11. Purring like mad for Otis! I hope everything comes out ok and that he feels better really quick! Hugs and purrs to everyone, especially Otis!

  12. Sandy

    Thomas – thank you for the update and for keeping Leader Otis company. Knowing that you will keep any wiener dogs away probably gives him peace of mind. Sending good wishes and a virtual soft blanket for the Leader to rest on.

  13. Joy

    Let us know how he does J Sending him my purrs.

  14. Purrs to Otis. I’m sure he appreciates your support Thomas.

  15. Hoping for nothing but good news, sending you our best wishes and purrs from the cat brigade.

  16. Trev and I send well wishes and hope everything turns out just fine!!!! -Hugs

  17. Heather

    We’re keeping the purrs and prayers heading in your direction. Hang in there!

  18. Dear Thomas, hopefully all will be well with Otis and he’s just having a few ‘off’ days. All digits crossed here in the Widder household.

  19. Thank you so much everyone. Your support really means a lot to all of us!

    – Thomas

  20. Sending hugs to everyone!!

  21. It makes me so sad to hear about the Leader. Sending good kitty energy and purrs to you all.

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