Something’s Wrong With The Leader

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Leader Otis is not feeling very well and everyone is worried about Him. The Guardians took Him to The Bad Place yesterday to try to figure out why He was feeling so bad. Maybe that is why it’s called The Bad Place, because it is where good people try to figure out why we are feeling bad. Anyway, It’s still a scary place to go, and I saw a photo that The Guardians took of Leader Otis while they were at The Bad Place. He looked pretty upset.

Otis at the Vet

The Leader did not look very happy at The Bad Place.

The Leader was gone all day. The Guardians went and picked Him up late in the afternoon. He was exhausted when He got home, and He was wearing a blue bandage with stars on it. The Brothers and I did not try to ask Him about what he had been through. He did eat some freeze-dried chicken though, which I thought might be a good sign.

Otis after vet visit.

The Leader was very tired when He got home. He did eat some chicken though.

I overheard the Guardians talking. I guess they did a bunch of blood tests at The Bad Place. They also took something called “X-rays” and gave The Leader a bunch of fluids. So far they have not found anything out of the ordinary on the tests, but their are some more results pending. Also, I heard them say that Leader Otis has to go back to The Bad Place on Wednesday for something called an “ultrasound”. I have no idea what all of this means, and neither do the Guardians from what I can tell.

The Brothers and I will do our best to keep the blog rolling while we all give Leader Otis the care He needs, and we will keep you updated on his condition as more information becomes available.

Thomas Out

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36 responses to “Something’s Wrong With The Leader

  1. I am not liking this so commenting :-(. Big furry hugs Otis xxx We have a family dog in the bad place also today having a lump removed and tested so will be thinking of you also POSITIVELY x

  2. Otis, we hope you feel better real soon!
    We don’t like the bad place either!

  3. Thomas, please tell The Leader that I hope he feels better real soon! Will keep Him in my thoughts. Hugs to all of you!

  4. Erin

    Leader Otis, I hope you are feeling better soon, without too many trips to the Bad Place. Have no fear–we will keep the wiener dogs at bay while you are recovering!

  5. Brother Thomas please send healing paws to Brother Otis,i know the bad place seems bad but they really do try to help.Tests are scary for the peeps too,and sometimes your super feline senses pick up on their fear.I am sure Otis is in very good hands.Our tail wagger Forrest has to have test soon and he really doesn’t like it but it is part of caring for our precious ones.Big hugs,purrs,woofs, and even baa’s from he sheepies and get well Brother Otis!!

  6. Sending prayers and purrs for the Leader and your family. Scary stuff.

  7. Fjola Melody

    oh noes!! Deef and Harper send kittie love to the Leader, and their Humans do too! Hope it’s nothing serious, and he gets better quickly.

  8. emilykarn

    Dear Otis, our purrs for you. We hope that the people at the Bad Place can help you. Be brave. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  9. Many purrs for Otis..

  10. Oh, poor chap – he really doesn’t need this after the hipsterectomy 😦 Loving purrs over the ether and hope they get to the bottom of the problem soon.

  11. Joy

    Oh No! Not again! The last time something was wrong he had to have surgery L. Sending you all my purrs.

  12. Take good care of the Leader! I hope he will be okay! Thank you, Thomas and the Brothers, for updating us!


  13. oh no – we will be sending purrs to the Leader

  14. Hopefully they find out what’s wrong and help you feel better quick Otis!! It is no fun being sick! We are keeping you in our purrs…Becca, Steve, Juliet and Romeo

  15. Leader Otis doesn’t look happy – but still very cute! Priestess Jen and Miss P. send their purrs.

  16. Otis, the boys are purring that you will be better very soon!!!

  17. Get well soon, Otis. Purrs from Seffie and Thunder.

  18. Nijinsky cat

    Oh this makes me very very sad indeed. I am worried beyond belief. Purrs purrs and more purrs. Please get better.

  19. Oh dear. Mama and I are praying and purring for the Leader. Thanks got letting us know what’s up.

  20. Aw, poor Otis! We’re sending lots of purrs and hugs and prayers! Hope he feels better soon!

  21. Oh Noes!!! My Leader Otis!! Be well. You still have so much to tell all of kittehs and so much wisdom to share. Purrlease take all my healing purrs I am sending….use them to be strong. I still have to save some, so I splitting them between you and my foster brofur Leo who is struggling with fatty liver syndrome and has a feeding tube and is now about week 4…and now we have such leaky eyes we must go…Mom Linda is on East Coast but home on Wed thank Cod! paw hugs, Savvy

  22. Batya Harlow

    Hope the fluids made Leader Otis feel much better. Every digit crossed for good results from the ultrasound. Mega purrs from Trout, Kismet, and me.

  23. We hope that Leader Otis is feeling better soon and doesn’t require many more trips to the Bad Place. The people in the Bad Place are helpful and we’re sure they will do their best to get him feeling inspirational again in a hurry.

  24. Poor Otis. I hope he feels better soon.

  25. We are purring for Leader Otis and hope that there is nothing serious wrong with him and he feels better soon. Feel the power of the purr, Leader!

  26. lkoch52

    How upsetting and scary for all of you! Hope our Leader feels better soon. In the meantime huge purrs and hugs from Lola, Luna, Griffon, and linda & David.

  27. Thank you all for the supportive thoughts, purrs and prayers. I know Leader Otis appreciates it very much!

    – Thomas

  28. Chris

    We’re all purring for Leader Otis. Poor Otie. We hope he’s back to normal soon.

  29. Heather

    Well that’s just awful, Thomas! Leader O has already been through so much and seen enough of the bad place to last a lifetime. I’m glad you and the brothers are there to help him feel better. Please let leader O know that we are purring and praying for him and the Guardians.

  30. All my very best thoughts and biggest purrs to the Leader. Do keep us updated Thomas.

  31. mistletoeandhitch

    We are sending Leader Otis and everyone at Cult of Otis our very best purrs and head bonks. The HuMom is sending something she calls Prayers too. ((( Hugs)))
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  32. Hugs – and towels from home do offer comfort in a strange place or when you aren’t feeling well. Oh, RC is nervously sending a concerned paw pat – a very very gentle one.

  33. I am so sorry that the leader is unwell, I am keeping everything crossed he will mace a full recovery soon, cause ahem… i’m not gonna admit it.. but.. ahem.. I kinda like the little guy.. I mean.. ahem… he ain’t that bad,,,for a cat!

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