Strange Voices Sunday

My Disciples,

This morning, I was napping on the living room floor when I was awoken by a sound. I didn’t hear it very clearly. It was almost more of a feeling than an actual sound. I thought that I must have dreamt it.

Otis hearing voices

I was awoken by a sound. I barely sensed it, really, but I got the feeling that something was close by. I thought maybe I was dreaming.

Just as I was drifting back off to sleep, I heard it again. It was louder this time and it caused me to jerk awake and quickly sit up. It sounded like a voice! I couldn’t quite make it out though, because it had this airy, whispery quality that made it both difficult to locate and hard to decipher. I was beginning to feel somewhat unnerved.

Otis hearing voices 2

I thought I heard it again, louder this time, like a whispery voice!

I listened for two full minutes, but I didn’t hear it again. I started to relax and I laid back down to continue My nap. It was hard to go back to sleep because I was still a little bit on edge.

Otis hearing voices 3

I didn’t hear the sound again. I laid back down to resume My nap.

Slowly but surely, sleep began to take Me. As I drifted into unconsciousness, I thought I heard the sound again. This time it was clear that it was a whispering voice, and I could just barely make out the words. The voice said, “Beware wiener dogs, for I am as shadow… you will not touch The Leader while I draw breath…”

When I awoke several hours later, it occurred to Me that I had probably really been asleep the whole time. Waking up, hearing the voice, going back to sleep… all of it was really just a strange dream. Still… it seemed so real! Our subconscious minds are so strange sometimes.

So Sayeth Otis

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13 responses to “Strange Voices Sunday

  1. Subconscious minds can be strange, yes, but occasionally so are wiener dog fearing shadow cats.. I think you might have one of those in your house. Maybe. πŸ˜‰

  2. Oh my, I hate those kind of dreams!

  3. Was Thomas around? i’d ask him if he heard anything.

  4. Maybe Thomas was on patrol.

  5. Secret Junior Agent Thomas I s protecting you Leader O

  6. Oh dear…weiner dogs…what next my friend what next! πŸ™‚

  7. You wouldn’t happen to know anyone with a wiener dog obsession?

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