Possum is Still Missing

My Disciples,

The Guardians discovered another poster for a lost kitty in the neighborhood. The kitty’s name is Possum, and he has been missing for many months.

Lost Cat- Possum 2-2

Possum is still missing. I purr that he is somewhere safe.

Please send your positive thoughts and purrs out to Possum and his family. And if he is found, may he forever be kept happy ,healthy and safely confined.

So Sayeth Otis

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14 responses to “Possum is Still Missing

  1. Poor, lost, Possum. We purr that he’s safe and well.

  2. Chris

    Purring for Possum and his family. I hope he’s been adopted by a caring family if he’s not found by his original family.

  3. Wildcat

    Purring for Possum.

  4. Too sad for possum..hope possum is safe and soon back home 😦

  5. Possum is on an adventure – positive thoughts home soon xxx

  6. Haz Possum eber bin found?? Nylablue n Mum

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