Brother O Is Letting Himself Go

My Disciples,

Ummmm…. well…. there’s really no polite way to say this. I think Brother Oliver has been letting himself go in recent weeks. I could reference his frequent trips to the snack bowl and his lack of exercise as evidence. I could talk about how he has been sleeping 21 hours a day instead of the usual 20.5 that the rest of us sleep. But in all honesty, I think it will be easier to let a picture do the talking. Take a look and see for yourself.

Chunky Brother O

What do you think? Does Brother O need to eat less and move more?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In Brother Oliver’s case, I think the picture is capturing about 1,000 pounds. I’m seriously considering re-christening Brother Oliver as The Bulk of The Cult of Otis instead of The Brains. At this point he may have even surpassed Brother Henry’s 17 pounds of Tabby Fury. Of course, Brother Oliver is more like 17 or 18 pounds of Tabby Jello. The only thing furious about his bulk is the way it jiggles!

So Sayeth Otis

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30 responses to “Brother O Is Letting Himself Go

  1. Oh Otis you need to do some paw slapping :-). Handsome full of love moggie you are x

  2. Hmm, there is a rumor that the camera adds 10 lbs. Or maybe it is just a bad angle?

  3. We all know the camera adds 10 pounds. I’m sure it’s just the way he is laying too. Or, he’s just having a puffy hair day. Yeah, that must be it. Extra sleep is good for everybody. Who wants to exercise anyway. And, he can’t help it that the snacks are so readily available and delicious. Right? Right.
    Hmm, I think I could use a snack and a nap right now…

  4. If he’s sleeping he cannot be eating, right? So maybe he needs to sleep a little more, especially through dinner time!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  5. 2 cats

    All the more to cuddle

  6. Oh brother oliver.. I’m bigger too. I say more rolls for the loving.

  7. Otis, you gotta make Brother Oliver run around a little bit more. Maybe he should get some of the exercise that Mama Kitty got the other day.

  8. Extreme comfy coaster- maybe spring will energize him?

  9. Priestess Jen and Miss P. could do with less kibble too. Their human “mama” likes to spoil them. For my own part, I wish I didn’t have to wash their dishes so often.

  10. Brother O, I think the guardians are going to have to come up with an exercise program for you.

  11. Heather

    Is that your revenge on Brother O, leader Otis? Just think how soft and cushiony all that that fat will feel on your tender head when you rest it on his belly. Now that is a good pillow!

    Overweight cats is a huge problem and one I struggle w/. Sable is on a grain free, high protein, fancy shmancy diet. He plays a lot and goes on long walks (we use a harness) but he still has a rather large “cat flap”. If you find the skinny secrets please share them w/ us leader Otis.

    • My revenge? Nah. If I were the vengeful type… and I’m not saying I am… I would find a much better way to get back at Brother Oliver for that Shameful Sunday photo. I’m not saying that I’m planning anything… but I guess I’m not saying that I’m not either…

  12. Oh Dear…thats a whole of of junk in your trunk young man! But the softness and smoochieness….up and at them Tabby training pronto! 🙂

  13. Your gonna have to sort him out!

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