Honor This Kitty’s Memory

My Disciples,

I know that when I post lost cat posters, it brings great sadness, but I feel that the importance of raising awareness about how many free-roaming cats go missing trumps the negative emotions that awareness may bring. But I was really torn whether or not to post the images that the Guardians brought home about a month ago. In the end I decided that, although these images were the ultimate in sadness, not posting them would be a disservice to the kitty whose life was lost. The best way I know of to honor the kitty is to show what happened to him in the hope that his tragedy will prompt humans to make sure their own kitties don’t suffer a similar fate. So, here is one of the images the Guardians brought home.

Hit By Car Cat 1

The Guardians found the body of a kitty on the side of the road. It was covered with a piece of cloth and had a note attached.

The poor kitty had been killed by a car. Some kind person found his body and moved it to the side of the road. She covered him, and left a message in the hopes that the cat’s guardians would be able to bury their kitty and get some closure. The next day, the body of the cat was gone, and the following note was posted on a nearby telephone pole.

Hit By Car Cat poster

The next day, the cat body had been removed and this note was left on a telephone pole.

I feel deep sadness for the loss of the kitty. I also feel great empathy for the woman who found his body and is trying to return the remains to the family. It is a great kindness to try to give someone closure instead of leaving them to wonder what happened to their kitty forever. Assuming this kitty was not feral or abandoned, I also feel sympathy for the family who lost their cat. Whether they had intentionally let him roam free or not, this was certainly not what they wished would happen.

Most of all though, I hope that this poor kitty’s fate will be taken to heart by any humans that hear of it. Do not let your cat end up like this. You have the power to prevent it. All you must do is give your kitty safe boundaries. His or her life depends on it.

So Sayeth Otis

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36 responses to “Honor This Kitty’s Memory

  1. I lost a kitty years ago to a car accident. He got out one day..oh he loved the outside. I tried to keep him in, but every now and then he would just bolt out the door. A women found him and turned him into the police. I felt so guilty. We searched for him for days before we found out. I pray for all kitties out there, that they stay safe with their Guardians. xx

  2. Whenever I read your posts about lost kitties, I wander through the house, making sure my indoor kitties are safe and sound.

  3. SO sad but worthy post. (We’ve buried a few and used collar tags to track owner – and returned collar. At least if they care, they won’t still be frantically searching.)

  4. Chris

    This is so sad, but how touching that someone covered and buried the kitty and left the note. What a kind thing to do.

  5. Selleck here today. Bandit is very sad after seeing this aticle. She was born on a dairy farm. She and her brother were orphaned at eight weeks old when their mother was accidentally run-over by a tractor. Luckily on of the Persons who worked at the farm took them to live with Our Person, Emily. Many years ago Our Person had a cat named Sweetheart. Sweetheart liked to dart outside. One day before Our Person could stop her she ran right under the wheels of a car and was killed instantly. Now whenever she is moving lots of things in or out the front door Our Person locks us in the bathroom to keep us safe. I didn’t like this, but now I understand. Selleck, Bandit, And Our Person, Emily.

    • Oh my gosh! That must have been so horrifying to have that happen to Sweetheart! I’m so sorry to hear that Selleck. I know Emily never meant for that to happen, and I am so happy to hear that she goes the extra mile to make sure it never happens again. She is a true kitty Guardian!

  6. What’s so sad, Otis, is that not only did this poor kitty lose his life, but his owners don’t seem to even care. But in all fairness to them, it’s possible that this kitty may have been a distance from his home and his owners don’t know it. But we agree…kitties should never be allowed outside unsupervised. Purrs to the human who found this poor kitty and tried to find its owners.

    RIP, Kitty.

    • It is sad, Island Cats. What may be even sadder is that the kitty may have been abandoned or feral. A poor soul left to fend for himself in the world with no one to love or protect him. We will never know the full story, but his fate makes Me very sad. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. So sad. Thanks for caring and trying to do something.

  8. So sad and so common.Otis it breaks my heart that a soul can die and no one cares except a stranger.Bless this person for caring and showing dignity to this poor little one.I would not sleep at night if my ladies were not all in tucked up.Even on 11 acres,if Cleo (nawty) gets out at night..i am wandering around with a torch and a tin banging away..almost got bitten by a snake doing this..she is a rotter Otis!! Over the years i have picked up dog after dog after dog and put them in my car and called the shelter,the one time i didn’t because i saw the dogs person close by…on the way home i saw the dog had been hit and killed by a truck..i knew the woman,i stopped and the truck driver and i put the poor golden retriever in my car and i took the woman and the doggie to my vets as that was all i could dd,the lady was walking so we had to get her doggy somewhere where they could then decide what steps next.This gave me nightmares for months and still haunts me Otis..if i had gone to put the dog in my car she would have said it was okay the dogs with me…cats dogs a horse sheep all get out seemingly around me…perhaps they know i will be there,but i won’t always so i hope others are ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  9. Wildcat

    So sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ RIP poor kitty.

  10. So sad. Such was the fate of Priestess Jen and Miss P.’s biological mothers. Priestess Jen and her brother George hadn’t even been weaned yet when their mother met with the wrong car at the wrong time. Dead cats along country roads are a fairly common sight around here, but that doesn’t stop people from letting their kitties outside at night. We’re always afraid the cats at the corner house at the beginning of the subdivision will be next, so we slow way down and turn our brights on when coming home at night. Got to keep the mousing mamas alive!

  11. So sad Otis. Our kitty Miss P was brought inside by the lady who was looking after her and her sister after their mother cat was run over. Sometimes it does take realization of the danger for people take things to the next level. We’re very glad this lady did. P is an adorable kitty.

  12. Batya Harlow

    Heartache. Rest in peace, sweet cat. Learn your lesson, humans who think cats are wild creatures that must roam free.

  13. Thank you Otis for sharing. I followed the facebook page of a cat named Jamie for months last year when he got lost, my heart broke when his guardians announced he had been found and was returning home for a proper burial. There was such an outpouring of love and support for his guardians they decided to not only keep the Facebook page up, but to dedicate it to helping other guardians find their lost cats. There is good in the world, not all hope is lost. This post reminds me of it. I hope that family got some closure and the kitty is properly buried.

    • I hope so too, Ilovecats. The story of Jamie makes me sad, but I’m thankful that his guardians have turned the tragedy into an opportunity to help other cats.

  14. So very sad. I can’t imagine. Our two kitties are indoor kitties and neither one of them really has any interest in going outdoors… thank goodness for that. Sometimes I feel guilty that we keep them cooped up in our tiny condo, but then I see things like this and it reassures me that we are doing the right thing. (We have an enclosed patio area we will let them roam if we are out there with them – their 15 minutes of outside play time a day.)

  15. I saw a kitty that had been run over on my way to work this morning and I cried all the way here. But then I was grateful that at least she was safe and warm and loved now. The rainbow bridge is a thousand times better than what ferals and lost souls have to endure. I hate that she (and this poor boy) had to die such awful deaths, but I’m so glad they are safe and secure and can enjoy the love and affection they never found here. It’s devastating.

    • It is devastating, Christine. It really is. It is also a reminder of the importance of spreading the Good Word about keeping kitties happy, healthy, and safely confined. So much work yet to do…

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