Mama’s Recycling Confusion

My Disciples,

As you know, Mama Cat crunched a bird the other day. The Guardians were sad, but they found a way to recycle the birdie by putting him where the Raccoons would find and eat him. Yesterday, when I was in My Outdoor Domain, Mama came strolling up and asked Me if I had seen her bird. She said she wanted to bat it around some more. When I told her that the Guardians had recycled it, she seemed a little miffed. She ran off and disappeared into the alley. An hour later, one of the Guardians went to take the trash out and discovered where she had gone.

Mama Cat on recycling bin

This is where Mama went when I told her the Guardians recycled the bird.

I guess Mama wanted to make sure that the recycling truck didn’t come along and take her bird away. After the sun went down, she got tired of sitting on the bin and climbed back under the Toastinator in the Mama Snuggle Shack 3000. At that point I was able to tell her the rest of the story about how Raccoons had actually eaten the bird. Upon hearing that, Mama said, “Yuck! Why would you eat a bird when there’s cat food?” She then rolled over and fell into a deep sleep. I was left alone to ponder her question.

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17 responses to “Mama’s Recycling Confusion

  1. poor Momma Cat…… gonna have to work on the concept of recycling a little more 🙂

  2. Priestess Jen and Miss P. have the recycling thing down pat. Bottle caps, plastic lids, toilet paper tubes – you name it, they’ll play with it!

  3. Poor, confused Mama! Our peeps say things like, “Oh, we thought you were done with that big water bug you caught in the sunroom, So we ate it.” We never actually *saw* them eat it, so we’re a little suspicious about it. Maybe Mama isn’t sure that your Guardians actually recycled because she slept through it?

  4. Poor Momma Cat, I can understand her confusion. Who would want to get a used dead bird anyway! Bleh
    I hope she doesn’t try to replace it!

  5. Poor Mama cat…just one more swipe at the little crunchy..just one….so that leaves nothing but a sitdown protest…Mama may be working on a sign to ! i feel industrial dispute brewing 🙂

  6. Our HuMom says that the live bird eats the ants and then the ants eat the bird once it dies. Them she started singing about circles of life. That woman sings like a cat fight! Anyway, we suppose the raccoons are as good as ants, although we agree with Mama Cat. We’ll stick with cat food!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  7. Yeah, we’re a little confused too.

  8. spittythekitty

    I ‘greez with Mama Cat. I like my own fuds–no fev-vers to get stuck in my teefs.

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