My Booty Got Stuck

My Disciples,

This is a little bit embarrassing. It all started yesterday when I was napping under the couch.

Booty Stuck 1

It all started when I was napping under the couch.

Booty Stuck 2

I woke up and noticed that there was a nice ray of sunshine coming in through the window. It was hitting the floor about ten feet away.

Booty Stuck 3

I decided I wanted to lay in that sunshine, so I began to crawl out from under the couch to head on over there.

Booty Stuck 4

Suddenly, I found My forward progress had stopped. My booty was stuck under the edge of the couch!

Booty Stuck 5

I rolled on My side, and tried to wriggle My booty free. It was wedged under there pretty well though.

Booty Stuck 6

I rolled back onto My stomach and pulled with all My might. It was Me versus My booty, and I planned to win!

Booty Stuck 7

Just as I began to lose strength, I felt some movement. My booty popped free of the couch and I collapsed onto the brown blanket in front of Me.

During My struggle with My booty, the sun had shifted just enough that one ray was now striking My ear as I lay on the blanket. I decided that I had gone far enough. I also decided that I might need to lay off the snacks a little bit.

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “My Booty Got Stuck

  1. emilykarn

    It can happen to anyone Otis. Don’t be embarassed. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  2. How odd that the couch was so intent on keeping you under it that it hugged your booty! I’m glad you got free to recharge in that sunbeam, good thing it touched your ear from where you landed! I’d avoid sleeping under that couch for a while. Maybe it will transfer it’s affections to one of the brothers and you’ll be safe again someday.. 😉

  3. We are glad you excaped the couch, Leader Otis! We wonder, could Brother Oliver have been playing a trick on you? He could have shortened the couch legs as you slept, causing the couch to hold on to your booty. We aren’t accusing Brother Oliver, but we are aware he has a, well,….umm,…quirky?… taste in jokes.
    We also wanted to mention that our mutual furiend, Nerissa, of Nerissa’s World, is having knee surgery today. We suggested he contact you once he begins his recovery to ask your advice on Treat-ments. Perhaps the Guardians can offer his peeps some ideas on how to help him recover? We want to thank you in advance for any advice you can offer Miss Jennifer or poor kneeless Nissy.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Hmmmmm… no, I think couch leg shortening is beyond the scope of Brother Oliver’s capabilities. It’s definitely something he would probably do if he was able though. Poor Nerissa! I’m sure the Guardians would be happy to share any knowledge they have. 🙂

  4. Whoops! guess your just too bootilicious 🙂

  5. Poor Leader Otis. I know how that feels to be all comfortable and want to move and get booty stuck.

  6. spittythekitty

    Clearly, someone has taken a saw to those wooden couch legs, thus reducing the amount of space available for wriggling out with ease. It is so obvious that this is not Your fault in any way that I can’t believe you did not realize it Yourself! I’m sure You would have thought of it in another minute or so.

  7. Thank cod, Otis, that you managed to get out from under there. Just think if you couldn’t!

  8. But how did you get under there in the first place??

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