Mama Took A Life

My Disciples,

Many of you have been asking how Mama Cat is doing since the Guardians built her the Mama Snuggle Shack 3000 a few weeks back. I’m happy to report that she has been doing quite well and using the MSS 3000 almost every day.

Mama cat resting

Mama cat loves the Snuggle Shack. She uses it almost every day.

Mama has been eating two or three meals a day at our house, and she has put on a little weight. She eats on the arm of the chair that has the toastinator hanging over it. That way she can immediately lay down and warm up after each meal to help with digestion.

Mama cat eating

Mama Cat has put on weight eating meals provided by the Guardians.

As thrilled as the Guardians are that they have made Mama Cat’s life slightly better, they still really wish that Mama’s guardians would keep her inside all the time. Now, her Guardians are still caught in the grips of a tragedy, and even if they weren’t it is doubtful that they could be convinced that Mama should be an indoor only cat. It seems that there are some people whose minds are very difficult to change on this subject, and there are no laws on the books to encourage them to change. But the Guardians wish for a fully contained Mama Cat increased in intensity when they came home and found that Mama had taken a life. She had brought the body of her kill back to the MSS 3000, which is now her default den.

Mama cat and killed Lincoln's Sparrow

In the foreground you can see the lifeless body of Mama’s kill. Mama is eating from her bowl in the background.

Mama didn’t want to eat the little crunchy birdie, she was just compelled to kill it. As I’ve said before, it’s in our nature. I heard the Guardian’s talking about the little birdie, and they said it is a Lincoln’s Sparrow. Apparently these little crunchy guys are moving through our area right now on migration. I guess the bird was heading north to his breeding grounds where he would have found another crunchy friend and made more crunchy offspring. Unfortunately, that won’t happen now.

Lincoln's Sparrow dead

Poor little guy. Even though I would have crunched him too, I still feel bad about what happened to him.

Mama cat, of course, is not to blame for this death. The Guardians know that as long as she is outside, this can and will happen. They feel a little bit helpless right now because they don’t want to re-home the beloved pet of a person that is likely dying, but they also don’t want to see wild creatures getting killed by cats on their property. For now, the best they can do is bear witness to the loss, and have Me share it with others so that they might reconsider letting their own cats roam free.

As for the poor little sparrow, the Guardians ensured that his death was not completely in vain. They placed his body along a path that they know is used nightly by the local Raccoons. The next morning, all that was left of the bird was a few feathers. The Raccoons have babies right now, so hopefully the life of this unfortunate bird went to help a momma Raccoon produce milk for her growing young. That would be one bright mark in an otherwise tragic story.

So Sayeth Otis

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23 responses to “Mama Took A Life

  1. Outdoor cats are a real threat to songbirds, hopefully posts like this will continue to encourage people to keep their cats inside, which is safer for both the cats and the little migrating birds.

    • Yes, we really are. And being outdoors is a huge threat to kitties as well since there are cars, and wild predators, and mean people, etc. That’s why I am on a crusade to keep cats happy, healthy, and safely confined! 🙂

  2. emilykarn

    These things happen with Outdoor Cats. We are proud to be Indoor Cats. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  3. I’ve no doubt that Miss P. would kill scores of songbirds if we let her outside. She watches them all day long from her window perch and swipes at them if they come near.

  4. Glad Mama has balance and is so elegant in her elevated eating loft. But, sigh, there’s some switch in the cat brain that overrides all when feathered ones appear.
    Glad some creature appreciated the meal – better than tossing in trash.
    Mama listen to Otis and try to fight nature!

  5. Poor old darling,doing what a cat will do,perhaps bells and a little mirror from a bird cage attached to a collar may help.Often the kitties are so smart that they know how to hold their head so as not to make their bells ring,ut the little mirrors from bird cages make no sound and flash in the sunlight to warn the little is hard to change some peoples views,Brother Otis here in Australia we sell bird bibs! these are made of neoprene and allow cats to climb and enjoy everything but they make it hard to catch birdies…they look funny but get your guardians to have a look at them on the internet..interesting things indeed..but they work 🙂

  6. Aw, I wish Momma Cat was inside too. I think her fur is looking a little less fluffy. Then again, maybe it’s just the spring defloofing.
    I’m glad the birdie’s demise wasn’t fully in vain.
    Indoor kitties only scare birdies, and I can live with that!

  7. What skilled huntress wouldn’t want to bring one down?

    • Indeed, MCMF. I would love to take one down Myself, as all cats would. The Guardians prevent Me from acting out that urge on anything other than simulated birdies and mousies though. Oh, and the red dot. I love the red dot! 🙂

  8. while it is sad that the birdie died, you have to consider getting one an extreme complement. It is her only way to say “Thank you”

  9. spittythekitty

    Nature is what it is, and at least the birdie was food for a creature who needed it. Obviously, the Guardians are keeping sweet Mama Cat well-fed–if she were hungry, there’d probably be many more little birdies meeting this fate.

    My Human agrees that it’s safer for everyone when kitties are Inside. Mama Cat looks very happy eating her dinner–so dainty!

  10. Nijinsky cat

    A most excellent post! A wonderfuly perspective and a responsible use of the little birdie.

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