Surprise Under Glass- Part IV: Mama Gets Her Nip On

People and Furry People who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Sooooo… I’ve been making some trips downstairs during the daylight recently, but I’ve been a little bit shocked sometimes by what I find. For instance, I went downstairs yesterday and peeked out into the place The Leader calls His “Outdoor Domain.” I saw both The Leader and Brother Oliver out there, and they seemed to be be laying down and alternating between laughing and moaning. I am familiar with the state they were in. I believe it is called “incatnipacitation”. As I was looking at the two nip heads, I heard a voice say, “Hey Kid! Can you get me some of that nip!?” I looked up and saw Mama Cat on the other side of the wire.

Catnip Surprise 14

The Leader and Brother Oliver were incatnipacitated. Mama was outside asking me if I would get her some nip.

Mama startled me, so I did what I always do when I am startled. I high-tailed it back upstairs to my den in Kitty Valhalla. I have a window up there that looks right out over the backyard though, so I saw what happened next. One of the Guardians appeared and offered Mama a nip leaf.

Catnip Surprise 15

One of the Guardians appeared and offered Mama a leaf of nip.

Mama eagerly ingested the nip. She then stood for a moment as if she was waiting to feel the effects.

Catnip Surprise 16

Mama ate the nip leaf and then waited for it to kick in.

After about 30 seconds, Mama looked back up and said, “More please!” To the Guardians, I know this just sounded like a meow, but I get the sense that they do understand at least a little Catonese.

Catnip Surprise 17

After pausing for 30 seconds, Mama asked for more.

Personally, I don’t think it was wise for Mama Cat to have another leaf. Clearly, she’s older than me and probably has more experience with this sort of thing, but when the Guardians offered her another leaf it almost looked like Mama had gone a little cross-eyed as she accepted it.

Catnip Surprise 18

Mama Cat seemed a little cross-eyed as she accepted the second leaf. Perhaps she had already had enough.

After taking and eating the second leaf, Mama headed back to her bed in her toasty shack. It wasn’t long before she drifted off to sleep. Leader O and Brother O were still in the grips of a serious nip-trip out in the enclosure, so there was really nothing else to see out there. I decided to retire to my cubby for the day. When I woke up several hours later, The Leader and Brother O were no longer in the Outdoor Domain, and I heard a lot of noise downstairs. It sounded like two cats lapping eagerly from a water bowl.

Thomas Out

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18 responses to “Surprise Under Glass- Part IV: Mama Gets Her Nip On

  1. Has Mamma cat been sleeping/using that outdoor bed the guardians rigged for her?

    • Yes. Mama uses it all the time. Even when her people leave the window open so she can get back in her house, she often hangs out in the Mama shed instead. The Guardians are torn about that because they like that she likes the shed, but they would prefer that she stay inside her house where she is safe.

      – Thomas

  2. We’re glad to see that Mama got a share, too!

  3. Aww, good for Momma Cat! She’s looking a touch dirty, I hope that’s from rolling around and not a sign of something bad going on with her. Love the cross-eyed-nip-accept!
    I had no idea nip made kitties thirsty. Is that just with fresh or with nippy toys too??

    • Mama actually looks a little better these days, Andrea. Her fur still looks kinda funky since she has not fully grown back her mane from when the Guardians had to cut some mats out, but she’s put on a little weight and purrs all the time. I’m still kinda scared of her though.

      – Thomas

  4. Aw, how nice that you shared the nip with Mama Cat.

  5. spittythekitty

    Mama Cat’s eyes in that last picture tell the whole sad story right there. First it’s one little leaf now and then, but soon one is too many and a thousand are not enough. Leader Otis, You are setting a very questionable example for Your devoted followers. Just look at this poor darling girl! Pretty soon we’ll see her on skid row with a bottle of niptinis, and then what??

    • Spitty, Mama’s in Limbo. That’s only one step above kitty skid row. The Guardians will make sure she doesn’t slip into abandonment, and in the meantime, if nip makes her feel a little better I think she should have all she wants. 😉

      • spittythekitty

        Oh noes! I was making the funny, Otis. Kinda like the old movie Reefer Madness, ya know? We think we needs a irony font 😉

  6. OMC! I have been wanting news of Mama Cat…thank Cod she is well enuff to partake of some nip. Perhaps it helps any artrightus she may have. And she is looking like she may not be grooming herself well….is she eating? If you must give her the nip Leader O, then you must also make sure she doesn’t end up as Spitty says…just an observation …smoochies for MC

  7. The cross-eyed Mama picture made me laugh out loud.

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