Surprise Under Glass- Part III: The Leader Gets His Turn

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. When we last left off, Brother Oliver had chowed down on some fresh catnip, and Leader Otis told Brother O to save some for Him. Well, after The Leader said that, Brother Oliver stepped aside and let Him move in for a closer look at the catnip.

Catnip Surprise 8

Brother Oliver stepped aside so Leader Otis could inspect the plant.

The Guardian saw The Leader inspecting the catnip, and she said, “Do you want a piece Otis?” She then plucked a leaf off the plant and handed it to Leader Otis. He gulped it down quickly.

Catnip Surprise 9

The Guardian plucked a leaf and gave it to The Leader.

After The Leader downed the leaf, the nip seemed to take effect almost immediately. He laid down on his side and said, “Ahhhhhhh.” The Guardian didn’t seem to notice. She plucked another leaf and offered it to The Leader.

Catnip Surprise 10

The Guardian offered The Leader another leaf, even though, clearly, he was already feeling plenty nippy.

I could tell The Leader hesitated for a moment, possibly thinking it might not be a good idea to overdo it with the fresh nip. Before too long, though, I saw him opening his mouth to accept the leaf.

Catnip Surprise 11

I think The Leader considered not eating another leaf, but he didn’t consider it long.

The Leader slowly chewed the second nip leaf, but I could tell it was a little too much for Him. He seemed determined to finish it though.

Catnip Surprise 12

The Leader slowly chewed the second leaf. I think it was a bit much for Him.

As Leader Otis finished his second leaf, His eyes closed. He lay still, and seemed to drift off into nip-blivion. I could watch no longer. I knew The Leader would be safe sleeping off the nip under the watchful eyes of The Guardian… even though she had been responsible for his apparent over-indulgence. I headed back into the house to make sure all the water bowls were full. I figured Both Brother Oliver and The Leader would need to rehydrate soon.

So Says Brother Henry

Tomorrow- Surprise Under Glass- Part IV: Mama Gets Her Nip On

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16 responses to “Surprise Under Glass- Part III: The Leader Gets His Turn

  1. I have always wanted to try to grow some fresh catnip. Is there a special reason it is under the glass dome?

    • I think the Guardians put it under there because it’s been getting chilly at night, Christine. The nip apparently likes to have a little protection when it is nippy out. Kind of strange, really.

      – Brother Henry

  2. Oh it looks glorious. I hope our leader Otis had a great nip induced nap.

  3. Make sure to stock up on plenty of munchies.

  4. That looks like some really powerful nip, Leader Otis! You’d better sleep that off.

  5. Otis, we thought you were gonna lay off the nip for awhile.

  6. spittythekitty

    Only TWO little leaves? Why that’s hardly a Nip-Trip at all! We think it is very generous of You to leave so much for Your brothers!

  7. Wow, So Otis can handle, what? five, six nip nanners but can barely hold himself upright after one fresh leaf? Two has him down for the count! We must check into this fresh stuff I think…

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