Surprise Under Glass- Part II: The Dome Comes Off

My Disciples,

When we last left off, I was yowling for the Guardians because Brother Oliver and I wanted to look more closely at the plant under the dome. One of the Guardians heard Me and came out to see what I was yowling about. She saw us staring at the dome and she promptly removed it. We moved in to investigate the plant more closely.

Catnip Surprise 4

The Guardian removed the dome. We moved in to investigate the plant.

Brother Oliver shoved his nose right into the leaves and sniffed deeply. I heard him let out a contented “Ahhhhhhhhh” sound. I asked, “What it is! What is this wondrous looking plant Brother O!?”

Catnip Surprise 5

Brother Oliver breathed deeply of the plant’s scent. I asked him to tell Me what it was.

As Brother Oliver bent forward to take a bite off of a leaf, he said, “Leader Otis! It’s catnip!”

Catnip Surprise 6

Brother Oliver took a bite of the plant as he told Me it was catnip.

I was so excited I didn’t even know what to do with Myself. Brother Oliver knew what to do though, he continued to chow down on those fresh catnip leaves!

Catnip Surprise 7

Brother Oliver was really chowing down on that catnip.

Coming to My senses I said, “Hey! Save some of that for Me Brother O!” With his mouth full of catnip, Brother Oliver said, “Oh! Sorry Leader Otis!”, and then stepped aside to let Me at the nip.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow- Surprise Under Glass- Part III: The Leader Gets His Turn

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28 responses to “Surprise Under Glass- Part II: The Dome Comes Off

  1. Dear Otis,
    Three days ago, a beautiful cat showed up on my door step. She was having a staring contest with my 5 cats through the full view screen door. I approached the door speaking in a very soothing tone. I slowly opened the door while continuing to speak softly. She did not run away. I felt this was a good sign as it meant she is not feral. I crouched down and put out my hand to which she gave a head butt. I petted the top of her head as she moved in closer for a drive by rub. As I ran my hands down the length of her body I felt something that shocked the hell out of me. I felt bones. Underneath all of her fur was nothing but bones. I immediately stood up, went back into the house plated a dish of wet and dry food, headed back outside, put down both dishes to which this beautiful female devoured. I sat on the top step and watched her eat. When she was finished, she came over for some rubs. I ran my hand over her underside and felt something else that shocked me: enlarged nipples. Otis, I think she has a litter of babies somewhere, although, I cannot imagine how she could be producing sufficient milk when she was nothing but skin and bones. Perhaps she had a littler and they passed away… Since that feeding, she knows to show up every morning and evening for a plate of food. I also noticed that immediately after she eats, she leaves, heading for the same direction. Do you think I should follow her to see if she leads me to her litter?

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! Please follow her and try to see if there are kittens out there! The sooner they can be found the more likely it will be that they can be successfully socialized for eventual adoption to loving homes. Thanks so much for identifying and helping My feline sister in need!

      • This is how Miss P. and her sister were discovered and tamed by their human foster mama. A vet tech at the local animal clinic also helped to socialize them and let people know they were available for adoption. Lucky for them, they never had to live in a shelter or pound.

      • That is very lucky, Pezcita. The Brothers lived in a shelter for a short time. Thomas and I just lived in the wild though. I would have preferred the shelter I think.

      • Poor Priestess Jen was in a shelter for four months. As a result she lives in fear of cages. Once when she was spazing out in her pet porter on the way to the vet, I reminded her that no one in my family had ever left her in a cage for an extended period of time. She must have understood me, because she immediately stopped yowling and started headbutting the latch. 🙂

      • That’s so sweet. 🙂 Priestess Jen is lucky to have you, Pezcita.

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Isn’t fresh nip the best? Our HuMom thinks it might be better for us than the dried nip but that’s cause she thinks eating green is good. But when it comes to our nip and wheat grass we agree with her. Green, fresh nip is awesome!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  3. Oh wow! What a great plant! I wonder why they keep it under glass? Do you think they’re trying to limit your access to it? That’s kinda mean… But then again, your guardians don’t exhibit any other mean attributes, so probably not the reason then.. I’m glad your brother shared with you!

  4. Whew – it looked like something out of the Jetsons! Maybe they sent the treat?

  5. My kids aren’t that impressed with the fresh stuff, or haven’t realized what it is yet. I have it growing in and around their catio, and they don’t touch it, yet a couple enjoy the dried stuff. Go figure!

  6. OMC, your Guardians are growing catnip for you? We thought it only came in a tin! Putting it under glass is probably a big tease.

  7. The big reveal….all the more delish i am sure 🙂

  8. Oh my, so glad you posted this. My Mama forgot the nip plants! But now she says she will get me some. Thank you, Leader Otis.

  9. spittythekitty

    Um, it’s kinda puny, Leader Otis. Are You sure there will be enough for You to share with the Brothers and Junior Agent T? I think You have a little, uh, “problem” with controlling Your consumption. I think they had best plant more.

  10. There’s nothing like fresh nip. Good thing you’re getting your greens. 😉

  11. He was just making sure it was a good enough quality for you!!

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