Not Quite Sobered Up Sunday

My Disciples,

I assumed I would be fine by today after Brother Oliver took the catnip bananas away, but I woke up this morning to discover that this is Not Quite Sobered Up Sunday.

Otis not sober

Too much banana catnip…It still hasn’t fully worn off…

So I think I’m just going to lay here today and wait for this to pass. Wow… I really did get out of control, I guess. I feel kind of crappy right now. I wonder if there might be something around that would make Me feel better. Hmmmm… maybe a banana?

Otis not sober 2

Now where’d those bananas go?

What’s that Brother Oliver? You threw them all away? Why on earth would you do that?

So Sayeth Otis




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24 responses to “Not Quite Sobered Up Sunday

  1. Our HuMom had a good laugh at your expense, Leader Otis. When we questioned her she said, ” been there, done that, have the T-shirt.”. If we can find that T-shirt we promise to hack up a hairball on it. Take care Leader Otis. HuMom advises lots of aqua. Must be a secret potion?
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  2. I don’t buy it! He’d never through those away! I think he’s probably addicted to them too and is hiding them from you, Otis! I’d search for his stash if I were you..

  3. I think that’s what some humans call a “hair of the dog.” Not sure how that’s supposed to help, but I think the Brothers want you to quit cold turkey.

  4. Otis i hope you don’t have to go cold banana….it’s the worst! 🙂

  5. spittythekitty

    The Hair of the Dog, Leader Otis, the Hair of the Dog. Or so the Human says anyway; I don’t even know if there’s a dog around Your house anywhere, or if there is, how he would react to Your yanking out his fur. I mean, I know You are the Leader and all, but I am not certain how much sway that carries with the Woofies. Maybe You should just ask for a Brewski instead.

    • My Indoor Domain has been declared a dog free zone, Spitty. Brother Henry says we can’t risk having any canines within striking distance of The Leader when we are still living under constant threat of The Long-feared Dog Uprising. Hmmmm… perhaps this Brewski of which you speak will be a good option.

  6. Yow leader Otis no catnip fer after da catnip…dat iz pawfull…me finkz Brother Oliver iz holdin out on ya!!! Me finkz a full investigashun iz in order…n gettin on da puter n orderin nore banana catnip 😉
    Lub Nylablue n her Mum…

  7. Haha! Hair of the nip, Leader Otis! It will cure you for sure!

  8. If Thomas is feeling extra-brave/feisty, he might bring you some hair off a wiener dog. No guarantee that will work though.

  9. oh those photos make my heart melt – super cute x

  10. You look in need of snuggly hugs 🙂 but I know you might prefer some chicken treats!

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