Nothing to See Here

My Disciples,

Please move along. There’s nothing to see here. Absolutely nothing. Everything is completely normal. Yep. A-OK.

Otis with a problem

Nope, nothing to see here at all. Situation normal.

See. Nothing at all. Huh? Bananas? What bananas? Oh, THESE bananas. Ummmm… they’re not mine. They were here when I got here. What? Why am I laying on the floor holding them? Ummmmm… uhhhhhhh… this conversation is over.

So Sayeth Otis

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30 responses to “Nothing to See Here

  1. catsinwindows

    UH OH!!

  2. Otis is about to enter catnip heaven!

  3. Otis, you were doing so well! ((sigh)) I suppose soon we’ll see another post about a bananervention. I hope the brothers are keeping a close eye on you.

  4. πŸ˜€ Nothing wrong with going a little bananas once in a while

  5. Yes, you have no bananas, no bananas today!

  6. Leader Otis? We know that you’ve only given in to your weakness for the nip-banana in order to teach us an important lesson….right? Did you want to teach us not to judge another until we’ve walked in their paw prints? Or perhaps your lesson is about forgiving ourselves for our many weaknesses? Or maybe it’s like Long Life Cats & Dogs says and you want us to know it’s alright to go bananas? Whatever it is we are meant to learn from this lesson, we so appreciate your putting yourself through exposure to the nip-bananas for the good of your followers. You are a brave and righteous leader. We are in awe of your conviction.
    On another note, yesterday we noticed a reply from our Darling Nylablue. We are excited to introduce you to her. She was a kitten mill queen that was dumped once her usefulness ran out. Her story is truly heartbreaking and Savannah has interviewed her for those interested. Now she rules the heart of her Mum and of me, Hitch. My Nylablue is a brave and beautiful soul. The fact she can trust again reminds us of your lessons and work with the limbo and wild kitties you and the Cult care for. We also enjoy her blog very much.
    Thank you for another important life lesson.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  7. Oh No Otis, are you OK?

  8. emilykarn

    Caught! We are fairly new to your blog so we have been reading some of your previous posts. We just finished the ‘Where’s Kitty” Series. WE can proudly state that we are Indoor Cats. On the rare ocassions we leave the Home, we do so in the comfort and security of our Traveling Places. Bandit, Selleck, and Their Person, Emily.

  9. I don’t see no nanna’s… Do you see any nanna’s? I didn’t think so. I’m going to politely look in that other direction now. πŸ˜‰

  10. Cats are such cool bananas…aren’t they Otis πŸ™‚

  11. Um, we’ll take those nip nanners that no one sees, Otis. πŸ˜‰

  12. spittythekitty

    The Human says this is pretty much how she got through her senior year of high school. Looks fine to her.

  13. Dearest Otis! Don’t the Guardians know to keep so much temptation out of your reach?

  14. OMG. Otis, the shame….

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