When You Want Something Done Right…

My Disciples,

The other day I was… wait… oh! It’s brushing time, Guardian? OK.

Otis with brush 1

Awwww yeah. That’s right. Brush that cheek!

Otis with brush 2

Nice! Keep brushing… no… wait.. what are you doing? You’re doing it wrong. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

Otis with brush 3

Give me that thing! Here, after you brush one cheek you have to brush the other. Let me… just… get this… under my head.

Otis with brush 4

There. See! Now I’m brushing this cheek so everything is evened out. Only after brushing both cheeks can you proceed to brush other areas of the body. I would think you would know this by now!

Otis with brush 5

OK. I’ll finish up here. You go get Me a snack. Or do I have to do that for Myself too?

Oh! Disciples! You’re still here!? Sorry you had to see that. I, uh. Well, sometimes, when you want something done right you just have to do it yourself. Ummmm… OK… don’t tell the Guardians, but they were really brushing Me just fine. The only reason I took the brush away was because I wanted to free them up to go get My snacks. See, sometimes when you want something done right, you have to get someone else to do it… especially if you don’t have thumbs.

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “When You Want Something Done Right…

  1. Aw, yes, sometimes I must take over just how I want my cheeks groomed…I know just how much pressure is needed to get the furs all lined up right…sigh…thank Cod Mom and Dad have me to guide them. Paw pats, Savannah

  2. Miss P begs to be brushed with the Zoom Groom every day. Priestess Jen pretends to be jealous, but then runs off if we try to brush her. Once in a while, she will subjugate her royal coat to a light combing, especially around the cheeks and neck.

  3. You’re so cute Otis. Bandit loves being brushed. She rolls over so I can do her belly. Her eyes close to slits in pleasure and she buzzes like a small motor. Selleck only likes to have his spine brushed and he never purrs. Their Person, Emily.

  4. You look so adorable brushing yourself, Leader Otis! Pierre loves to be brushed just like that, Leader Otis. We hope that Newton will learn from your leadership and accept brushing. He doesn’t understand that otherwise he requires periodic manscaping.

  5. Dinnermintz loves getting her big ginger self brushed….i hope it meets her standards Otis..i think it may otherwise i would not be covered in kitty cat drool..i may have to work on my brushstrokes though as Cleo does get quite cranky with my attempts after awhile…Marbles loves it and she talks her way through the whole procedure…(avoid belly with this one..the pawce is strong!) and Pickles …well she just drops and gives in..So Otis i think my pass rate may be OK 🙂

  6. spittythekitty

    You know, it’s just humiliating how I come running when I sees my brushie in the Human’s hand. And yes, sometimes I ::shhhhhhh:: ::looks suspiciously around:: I too drool. Just a little, mind you.

    Say, that’s one fascinating brushie. Could You tell us minions a little bit about it, Your Leadership?

  7. You remind us, Leader, that the mom needs to get the Zoom Groom out for us.

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