Five Days of Inspiration: Day 5

My Disciples,

This is it. The final day. If you haven’t reached full Leader inspiration after this, I’m afraid you never will. Ready? Here we go.

Leader Week 9

BAM! There’s another one! The sideways, skyward glance! You should all be fully prepared for it now though. Let the inspiration sweep over you! Feel it!? Yes? Then, why don’t you…

Leader Week 10


Whew! Sorry, I guess I got kind of carried away. Still, now that you’ve spent five days looking at Me posing contentedly on a bench for a photo session, I hope you realize the significance of these photos. I was born the son of two feral cats. I was terrified of people, and it took the Guardians over 5 months just to get Me to the point where I would let them touch Me. Despite My fear and stubbornness, they never lost hope. They weren’t willing to let Me live anything less than the safe, happy, healthy life that all kitties deserve, and they fought for Me until I accepted that life.

I am here, seven years after My time in the wilderness, because two people made the choice to save Me. If they had made a different choice, there would be no Me and there would be no Blog of Otis. That is what I want you to take away from all of these photos of Me, and that is what I want you to think about in the future when you encounter a kitty wandering alone in the wilderness. The choice is yours.

So Sayeth Otis

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32 responses to “Five Days of Inspiration: Day 5

  1. Jenn

    Hear, hear Leader Otis! Very inspirational! All three of my kitties were rescued from the wilderness and I will continue to help all kitties in need.

  2. I saved a cat when I was a teenager. Her name was Cali, because she was a Calico. It took me a couple months of feeding her, and housing her in our old wooden shed before she trusted me. (My mom and brother were allergic.) Finally, our neighbor took her in, along with her other cats. She had a full, happy kitty life. I am so glad I know Leader Otis’s back story. Honestly one of my favorite blogs.

  3. We each have the power in our paws…. Or hands.

  4. Whoa – five months? We thought it was bad when Precious wouldn’t let my dad touch her for four days after we adopted her. She was tame, just shy around new people. She can’t get enough of us now. Not a great cat for people who like throwing large house parties, but a perfect pet for us. By the way, it looks like Otis is inspiring someone to scratch his chin in that first photo!

  5. ena

    Buster this home’s cat-god says that he too appreciates being rescued and that he enjoys the comforts of the “pampered existence” Keep getting out the word Otis….lets save some more cats.

  6. Leader Otis, we are truly inspired. Thank you for that.

  7. Thank you Leader Otis. We feel refreshed and revived. You are a wise cat to use your power for good.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  8. spittythekitty

    Although I was just a Tiny Boy when the Human ‘dopted me nearly nine years ago, I was the most feralist Tiny Boy who ever lived. My Human had the patience of Job, and in fact she still does, because I am furry unpredictable in what attentions and infringements upon my person are allowed at any given time. Just because I allow myself to be picked up and manhandled on Caturday does not mean such liberties will be permitted on Monday.
    Also, I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that in the first year I think the Human lost several pints of blood trying to “socialize” me. Her colleagues at work used to tell her she was in an abusive relationship, ha ha meow! But I never do that anymore–well, not really on purpose anyway πŸ˜‰
    You have Big Scary Teefs, Leader Otis, though I am sure You never use them for evil purposes. Or almost never anyway.

    • Thomas sent one of the Guardians to the doctor in the early days after he was brought into The Promised Land. They don’t pick him up any more unless they absolutely have to. Personally, I only use my big scary teefs for crunching on delicious snacks. πŸ™‚

  9. Linda

    You really are inspiring Leader Otis, you are so kind to want to help other kitties in need. I hope everyone is inspired to save a stray and prevent more by promoting spay/neuter.

  10. Our Ashton was a (very) feral rescue. We didn’t realize how feral because of how injured she was at the time, and she is still in feral recovery years later. We are indeed inspired to help the feral cats living on the fringes of human habitation to have better lives, Leader Otis. Thank you for relieving our LDD!

  11. Peoples need to be patient with feral and shelter kitties. I am still fraid of people hands and tend to do the bitey thing. I know my Mama would never hurt me but sometimes I get scared. She says it’s ok she understands that I am trying to get over this.

  12. Well said Otis…all my feline babies were in need of help.Pickles the most,then there is Dinnermintz the ginger girl..a foster i had three times at home due to catflu running rampant in the iso ward of the shelter..third time back she greeted Pickles like a lost friend ,went straight to the kitchen bench where the kitty cup of water sits and made herself a permanent member of the family.Cleo another foster..who stayed and Marbles another rescue.We can all be a bit feral at times and all it takes is patience and love to bring out the best qualities.So spread the word Otis πŸ™‚

  13. Otis you iz an inspirashun to me to trust me Mum more….fankz fer all yer guidnace…you iz BERY wise….
    *paw patz* Nylablue

  14. Very inspirational, thanks pal! Did you see I am doing my bit to help by trying to find Mary a forever home – we found her havily pregnant by the side of the road at 4/5 months old!

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