Five Days of Inspiration: Day 2

My Disciples,

Today I bring you two more photos as we continue our attempt to combat the threat of Leader Deficit Disorder. Here are two more inspiring poses for you to absorb.

Leader Week 3

Alright, so I’m still looking off like I might be thinking about important matters. I even look like I might be thinking about getting up.

Leader Week 4

Ho-ho! What’s this? I have rolled onto My stomach and am now really focusing on something. Do you feel it?

OK, the inspiration levels should be ticking upward now. Tomorrow we’ll kick it up another notch in our continued fight against LDD.

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “Five Days of Inspiration: Day 2

  1. 2 cats

    I have TDD now though

  2. As always, Leader Otis, you inspire us and even motivate us…..we both feel motivated to take a nap. I’ll take the comfy chair and Hitch is already curling up in the top of the cat tree. There he is able to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. We look forward to being inspired even further tomorrow.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  3. Whew! We’re finally starting to feel better over here!

  4. Wow Otis! Those pictures really show off what gorgeous eyes you have! We’re very inspired! (mostly inspired to want to give you big smooches, but it’s still inspiring, right?)

  5. spittythekitty

    Have you been spending too much time with Brother Oliver? I heard him humming…..
    Well, you’re where you should be all the time
    And when you’re not, you’re with
    Some wiener-dog spy or that dog on the corner….

    Your eyes, they is mesmerizing. The Human says she’d follow you anywhere. But I dunno. You might just be going to the Box or sumfing.

  6. Well, we sure are getting our fill of Leader Otis! Those are great photos of you. 🙂

  7. Otis looks ready to swipe at something in that second photo. Either that or dart after a mouse.

    • I used to be quite good at catching mice. The Brothers? Not so much. 🙂

      • It does take a certain kind of cat to catch a mouse. Priestess Jen was orphaned early in life and raised inside, so she’s never eaten a mouse and doesn’t see how they could possibly taste good enough to merit waiting one out for days. Precious on the other hand cut her teeth on field mice and will go to great lengths to catch one.

  8. Purlease can we caption them??

  9. Yow you haz bery sweet pawz…so sayz Nylablue ❤

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