Five Days of Inspiration: Day I

My Disciples,

Brother Henry brought to My attention that in the past few weeks there have been relatively few photos of Me appearing on The Blog of Otis. He feared that people might be experiencing what he called “Leader Deficit Disorder”, or LDD for short. Apparently LDD is a devastating affliction that can lead to a serious drop in inspiration and motivation. Brother Henry says the only known cure is a healthy dose of exposure to the face of The Leader.

I don’t want to be responsible for a widespread LDD outbreak, so for the next five days I am instituting emergency protocols to combat this threat. I have instructed Brother Oliver to capture a series of photographs that show Me in increasingly inspirational poses. I will post two of these images per day, gradually ramping up the intensity until we have achieved maximum inspiration. Ready? Here we go.

Leader Week 1

We’ll start with an easy one. Nothing too intense. Just Me with a determined look.

Leader Week 2

OK, now try this one. I’m sort of looking off like I’m thinking important thoughts, but I’m still keeping it fairly casual.

Let those two sink in, and then come back tomorrow for a little bit more inspiration. Do not give in to LDD. We’ll get through this!


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26 responses to “Five Days of Inspiration: Day I

  1. I feel much more inspired and motivated already!!

  2. Hello Leader Otis!
    These photographs of you have such power our electronics were rendered useless for a short time. You wield great power. At least we hope that was the cause. We felt it was important to bring the following to your attention. We sincerely hope we have done the right thing in bringing this to you, especially at such a vulnerable time, with your followers weakened by this LDD.

    HuMom was doing her freekibble questions this morning and came across and interesting piece of information. We hope it is just a sweet story and not part of the LFDU. * Dachshund Adopts Abandoned Kittens*,is the name of the story that can be accessed through the FreeKibble site. Perhaps Thomas is right! Maybe this Dachshund is brainwashing those defenseless kittens as part of some terrible plan! Our HuMom just laughed at our concern but, well, she is a human after all. They don’t always take things as seriously as they should. As your eyes and ears here on the East Coast we wanted to bring this to your attention. We purposely did not use the expression that upsets Thomas. We felt Dachshund was better used until the information is evaluated by your Senior Agents.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  3. karnemily

    Very nice Otis. Bandit and Selleck approve. Their Person Emily.

  4. Tracey Rhys

    Leader Otis, I didn’t even know I was suffering from LDD until you pointed it out. I look forward to further therapeutic exposure.

    With grateful purrs,
    Tracey, Guardian of Gotham, Jessie, and Nikki.

  5. Joy

    Oh Leader Otis! I was in horrible desperation! I couldn’t live with it anymore. Oh thank you!

    Just kidding! Those pictures were very intense… and cute.

  6. LDD averted! But keep them coming because you never know! I feel better already! I know you’re looking inspirational, but I still think you need a scratch on that chin!

  7. Batya Harlow

    β™₯β™₯ Brother Henry is so very wise, not just muscle. Was definitely suffering LDD and didn’t even know it.

  8. We’re beginning to feel better already, Leader Otis.

  9. spittythekitty

    I am still reeling from these forst two, Your Otisness. In fact, I am quite fainty at the mo–I think I need to go have a snack. I’ll be back tomorrow if I think my system can endure more of Your Inspirationalism.

  10. Brother Oliver is a much better photographer than I am.

  11. Do we get to caption the photos? I think his caption would be Once again the ‘leader’ leaves his hard work and not fully appreicated brothers to do all the work while he sits on his …..

    BOL *falls off stool laughing*

  12. Pawsum Otis…me n Mum did dem backwardz, MOL…we lubz da intencity n we feel bery inspired now!! Fankz Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen xo

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