Brother Oliver Won’t Shut Up About the Laundry

My Disciples,

I admit it, I’m a little bitter, but Brother Oliver just won’t shut up about it! Apparently, he just happened to go downstairs this morning at the exact moment the Guardians were removing a load of sheets and towels from the laundry warming device. They dumped them in a pile on the bed, and Brother Oliver immediately threw himself upon their toasty goodness.

Oliver on warm laundry 1

Brother Oliver arrived downstairs at the exact right moment to throw himself upon a warm laundry pile.

Now, Brother Oliver claims that this warm laundry was unlike any warm laundry he had ever encountered. The pile had just the right combination of sheets and towels, and they joined together to make the ultimate in toasty comfort. He said he felt like he was the king kitty of the world.

Oliver on warm laundry 2

Brother Oliver said it was the best laundry pile ever. He felt like king kitty of the world.

I know I should probably be very happy with Brother Oliver, but as I said, I am a little bitter. Why, you ask? Well, I’m bitter because Brother Oliver could have shouted out, “Leader Otis! Come quick! I have found the best pile of laundry ever!” But he didn’t do that. Instead he chose to keep it all to himself.

Oliver on warm laundry 3

Brother Oliver decided to keep that warm pile of laundry all to himself.

I know I should expect such things from Brother Oliver, after all he is the most, shall we say, independently minded of My High Priests. Still, this kind of insubordination is nearly unforgivable. I shall have to think long and hard to find a punishment that fits the severity of this crime.

So Sayeth Otis

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27 responses to “Brother Oliver Won’t Shut Up About the Laundry

  1. Ah, the laundry. Warm sheets are one of the most awesome things a cat can have. Maybe you could watch closely for the next load and keep it to yourself?

  2. ena

    you go Otis, that was a most inhospitable act… . or maybe…he just got caught up in the sheer joy and was swept away with the emotion and couldn’t think clearly…..

  3. Joy

    What an inconsiderate thing to do! Maybe you should sit on or in the Laundry-warming-machine and tell him it was even better?

  4. He DID’NT tell you he found THE best laundry pile ever ?!
    I agree with you that it will take long time to figure out the right punishment !

  5. When it comes to warm laundry, you find out who your friends are…

  6. I think you should forgive him and let him enjoy the memory of his perfect laundry moment. None of us is perfect.

  7. What a shame! And it looks like it was a big enough pile for him, you, Henry, AND Thomas! You could have had the ultimate toasty sheet/towel cuddle puddle!
    Yes, you’re going to have to think of something good to get back at him.. heh heh heh..

  8. spittythekitty

    Failure to Share a Toasty Laundry Pile? Seems like that ought to be a minor violation of Commandment #8, don’t you think? Surely there must be a prescribed punishment for such offenses?

    Oh, and Otis? According to the Human, a “French Fry” is a golden, crispy/crunchy little stick of potato heaven. Still, it *is* just a tater, and as such, of only limited interest to the Kitties.

    • It’s definitely a violation of the unwritten “always tell The Leader about warm laundry piles” rule, Spitty! Mmmmmmmm… french fries sound like just the kind of thing I would try desperately to get the Guardians to feed Me, but they would refuse claiming it’s bad for Me. Of course, that only makes Me want it more!

  9. that does look like king kitty of the world.

  10. We hope Brother Oliver enjoyed that warm laundry, because we think he’s gonna pay for not including you, Leader Otis.

  11. Sometimes a boyz gotta do what a boyz gotta do.
    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  12. Don’t give up hope Otis, one thing about laundry is there is always more!

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