Secret Agent Sunday

People and furry people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas… errr…. I mean, Secret Agent T! While The Leader and The Brothers were busy watching crunchy birds out the window this morning, I took the opportunity to hone some of my covert ops skills. I think one of the Guardians might be starting to get some sort of inkling of the importance of my super secret missions, because he helped me train by giving me a target to attack. I fear I might have shocked him though with my ability to perform lightning fast strikes, seemingly from out of nowhere.

Thomas honing skills 1

I think I might have frightened the Guardian with surprise attacks like this one.

I understand why it might have been a frightening experience for the Guardian. I mean, there was no way for him to know where I was hiding or when I would strike. I was as shadow.

Thomas honing skills 2

I was as shadow. Undetectable until I was ready to strike.

By the end of the practice session, I had honed my skills to such a level that I even scared myself a little. Hopefully I will never have to put these skills to the test in a real world emergency, but it’s nice to know I am ready if the need arises. Yes, I am ready… for anything. Hmmmm…. anything, that is, except… <gulp>… wiener dogs.

Thomas Out

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16 responses to “Secret Agent Sunday

  1. Never trust a weiner dog Thomas…. I don’t. I hope you’ve had a happy Easter! woo woo woo!

  2. Thomas, I mean, Secret Agent T, did you have some bad run in’s with wiener dogs before the Guardian’s brought you in? I have to wonder if you’d been terrorized by a wild pack of wieners!
    You sure have the sneak attack skills, Thomas! Good work!

  3. spittythekitty

    While I impressed with your lightning-fast reflexes, Junior Agent T, I think you still have much to learn in the arcane arts of camouflage and clandestine and covert operations, not to mention concealment of the Tailio.

  4. Joy

    What is your problem with Wiener Dogs Thomas? Honestly, cause I really want to know.

    Happy Easter!

  5. A post on Easter? Guess the Guardians of Otis never take a holiday.

  6. I think Oliver and Henry can handle those pesky wieners for you Thomas. If the LFDU does happen, I’m sure they won’t send an army of only wiener dogs. (I’m also sure the Guardians won’t open the door for them.)

  7. Thomas, we bet you could take those wiener dogs.

  8. catfromhell

    Thomas, mes thinks yous should join the FBI (Feline Bureau of Investigation)!

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