The Catnip Thief

My Disciples,

I saw it all from the window. It was crazy! The Guardians had taken a big ‘0l bag of catnip outside to share it with the Limbo kitties. After sprinkling little bits of it around on the sidewalk, they left the bag on the porch and started working in the garden. Little did they know, The Mighty Stanley had snuck up on the porch to help himself to the bag of nip. When I first spotted him, he had already torn a hole in the bag. He looked nervously to his right.

Stanley catnip thief 1

Stanley had torn into the bag. he looked nervously to his right.

He then ate a little more nip and looked nervously to his left. It seemed like he knew he wasn’t supposed to be helping himself to the whole bag.

Stanley catnip thief 2

Stanley ate more nip and looked to his left. I think he knew he wasn’t supposed to help himself.

I think the large amount of nip he had eaten began to take effect. He started rolling around on the porch like a crazy cat! It looked like fun.

Stanley catnip thief 3

Stan started to feel the nip. He rolled around like a crazy cat.

Suddenly, the Guardians turned and saw what was happening. As they walked over toward Stanley, he sat up and tried to play it cool. He quickly licked all of the evidence off of his face, but he didn’t realize his whole body was covered with the nip.

Stanley catnip thief 4

Stanley tried to play it cool when he saw the Guardians coming. He was covered in nip though.

I could tell Stanley was nervous about what the Guardians were going to do once they got to him. I mean, he had broken into the nip bag without their permission. He probably thought he was about to be punished! I knew exactly what the Guardians were about to do to him.

Stanley catnip thief 5

Yep, I knew that’s what the Guardians would do.

As I knew they would, the Guardians simply laughed and gave Stanley some pets and scratches. They did remove the nip bag though, but only after giving Stanley another generous portion. He seemed a little confused by this “punishment”, but I could tell he really liked the Guardians’ idea of justice.

So Sayeth otis

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22 responses to “The Catnip Thief

  1. ena

    I love that kind of justice Otis. It leads to joy and sharing and thanksgiving. It’s the kind of justice born of love. I am glad too that you know the guardians have enough love to share with all the kitties, not just the indoor ones. You keep on rejoicing when good things happen to the limbo kitties, they need good stuff. I hope you get lots of extra treats for Easter.

  2. Squishy

    I will ask my Guardian to mail my ‘nip to you, Otis. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. It just smells green to me.

  3. Stanley looks so happy! Your guardians are good stuff, Otis.

  4. Cats nose a good thing when they sniff it? Stanley now is a big fan of your guardians!

  5. Look at the smile in that last picture! Stanley is loving it! What a silly boy! I love it when kitties get all covered in nip, like saving some for later!

  6. That’s the thing about you kitties, you will do what the humans allow you to do. πŸ˜‰ The Guardians know Stanley is just being a kitty.

    • Exactly, MCMF. Unfortunately Stanley’s guardians allow him to roam free with not protective barriers. The Guardians of Otis like it when he stops by because they can give him nip (or turn the other way while he steals it), play with him and keep him out of danger… at least temporarily.

  7. That’a boy! So darn cute, you are. πŸ™‚

  8. spittythekitty

    While I mildly enjoy a nice whiff or snuffle of the Nip now and then, I am not one of those kitties like Stanley who would rip open a bag and roll around in the stuff. I am a Kitty of Moderation. Well, I guess maybe I *do* get just the tiniest bit excited about SilverVine. But still, I am too dignified to roll around in it and stuff. I have to retain my feline decorum, You know.

  9. I wonder if the Guardians would leave the cookie jar out for me…. I like their idea of punishment.

  10. That’s the best way to treat a cat like that….especially for the limbo kitties, who deserve to have good things happen for them.

    • Yes. Stanley needs all the joy he can get. He used to be a really grumpy kitty that would lash out at the Guardians. Now he trusts them though. I so wish his people would keep him safe. 😦

  11. It looks like Stanley might have a nip problem. But, y’know what?? That’s okay, because he looks really happy…and there’s worse problems to have.

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