Cooking With Kitties

My Disciples,

In our house, we sometimes have a show called “Cooking With Kitties”. Although Brother Henry and I have appeared on the show a time or two, Brother Oliver has made the most appearances. On Cooking With Kitties, the special guest kitty usually gets to sit on a fancy chair next to the cook.

Cooking with Kitties 1

On the show, the special guest kitty gets to sit on a fancy chair next to the cook.

As the cooking commences, the guest kitty gets to inspect each of the ingredients. Here Brother Oliver smells some cheese.

Cooking with Kitties 2

Special guest kitties inspect each ingredient used by the cook.

Sometimes the ingredients need a sniff, as well as a more thorough visual inspection. The cook will sometimes use crystalline presentation bowls to present the ingredient to the kitty. The clear bowl ensures that the kitty gets an accurate look at the ingredient’s color.

Cooking with Kitties 3

The cook presents ingredients in a special crystalline bowl for visual inspection.

If the kitty is uncertain about the ingredient after the smell and visual inspection, a taste test may also be required. In a show of trust and respect, the cook offers a bit of the ingredient up on the tip of his or her finger. Returning the trust and respect, the kitty takes great care to taste the ingredient without biting the hand that feeds him.

Cooking with Kitties 4

In a show of mutual trust and respect, the cook offers a taste on her finger and the kitty carefully accepts.

Now, when Cooking With Kitties comes to an end, the cook has created some amazing, delicious smelling food. I bet you are thinking that the cook then shares that creation with the kitty… but you are wrong. Instead, the cook then makes a different meal for the kitty. It comes out of a can.

Cooking with Kitties 5

After all the hard work the kitty puts in on the show, he is rewarded with a meal from a can.

So, although The Brothers and I love being on Cooking With Kitties, we all think the show’s ending could use some work. Or maybe we should create a new show that immediately follows it called “Dining With Kitties”. Now, if only we can convince the cooks.

So Sayeth Otis

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12 responses to “Cooking With Kitties

  1. RC Cat: “Lovely post, Otis. We have issues with our staff. The chef is quite observant and delivers samples of yogurt and cheese for Our approval – which we politely accept with dignity.
    The dunderheaded cook must be nagged and nagged – and even appears to not see Us. We have even resorted to sticking Our paw underfoot – which gets stepped on so We may cry pitifully and gain notice and sympathy. Cook has even been heard to make insulting comment that We do not need extra samples or snack. We know what is good for Us! Otis, We intend to show cook your cooking show post in order to educate staff as to what is expected. Grateful paw waves for you assistance in this matter!”

    • Brother Oliver knows that paw trick too, except he uses his whole body. That’s why the Guardians sometimes call him “Oliver Underfoot”. Good luck educating your staff RC! Be patient though. They are, after all, only human, so they don’t learn quite as fast as us cats. 😉

  2. Priestess Jen can be such a pest when I bake. She always wants to lick the Crisco wrapper (though of course I never let her) and leave paw prints in the flour and sugar. Maybe I should get her a fancy chair like Brother Oliver’s.

  3. Ok, getting a taste is clearly a good thing, but to not share with the kitties?? Wow, that’s just.. Oh wait, I seem to recall that on many shows the will paint the food with lacquer or use glue to look like milk and do all kinds of tricks to make things LOOK good for the camera, but that makes them yucky to eat! Perhaps your guardians are saving you from having to eat the horrible stuff the end with, even though some of the ingredients are tasty.. That must be is, otherwise why would guardians keep the star of the show from nomming the result of the show?? Feel bad for them, Otis, who knows what they end up actually eating while you get the good stuff!

  4. spittythekitty

    I see cheese. I see butter. Just mix that up with some chick-hen or some hamz or some toonas and bake it and it will be a meal fit for anykitty! All this cooking should not even be happening if the Kitties do not benefit in the end. Give the can to the Guardians with some crackers and let THEM make their own snacks while you eat the kitty casserole. Pfft.

  5. Kitties should share in the outcome of the cooking efforts. We always insist!

    • We try to insist, but the Guardians seem to think that some of the ingredients are safe for us to try, but not the finished baked good. I hear them say things like, “You can’t eat this because it has onions.” or “This is too high in carbs for a kitty and might give you diabetes!” That all sounds made up to me though!

  6. We would like to be on that cooking show.

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