Bad Stair Day

My Disciples,

I’m having a bad stair day. It happens. Although it’s been quite a while now since I had My Hipsterectomy surgery, I am still recovering. Some days are better than others. On bad stair days, I get a little tired as I climb the stairs and I have to stop to rest. It’s frustrating, as I thought I would be all better by now, but still, I am in a lot less pain than before the surgery so I’m not complaining… much.

Otis bad stair day

I’m having a bad stair day.

Hopefully these bad stair days will become less and less frequent until they are just a memory. In the meantime, I’ll just take My days one step at a time and try My best to keep My head up. And if I’m ever too tired to make it all the way to the top, I’ll rest easy knowing that the Guardians will be along soon to carry Me the rest of the way.

So Sayeth Otis

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35 responses to “Bad Stair Day

  1. My vets said that glucosamine powder can help with joints some. I put it in turkey baby food for my 16 year old cat.

  2. When I lived in a place with stairs, my kitties just liked to lay on the stairs. They made lovely, cat-sized, napping platforms.

  3. Poor sweet Otis!! I hope it’s just a memory very soon. In the meantime, maybe your Guardians can give you more freeze dried chicken treats to take your mind off of it! πŸ™‚

  4. Reblogged this on knocked over by a feather and commented:
    Even Otis has a bad day here and there.

  5. Beautiful eyes :-). You STAIR away Otis πŸ™‚

  6. Call it Stair Troll Duty and rest away!

  7. Stairs Happen..

    Purrs to you

  8. Have faith dear boy, it should get better as time goes by.

  9. A wise kitty knows his limits ( and no one would ever accuse a cat of foolishly wasting energy when a lift will be available soon)
    Besides, you must practice your camera poses, Otis.
    Purrs of warmth and encouragement!

  10. That’s all you can do, Otis. Just one stair at a time. That’s what I have to do sometimes too.

  11. Otis, we know that soon your bad stair days will be a memory. Besides, some cat has to patrol the stairs…it might as well be you!

  12. Cute stair pose Otis! Preshy lays on the stairs all the time, so curled up you can’t even see her. It used to drive us nuts when we first got her because we thought for sure one of us was going to trip over her. Now, we’ve learned to watch for those raised, furry stairs.

  13. Aw Sweet Otis, you’re better than before the surgery, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes it takes longer to recover, but you will keep getting better! And in the meantime, helpful guardians are a wonderful thing to have!

  14. Oh, Otis, one step at a time is a good plan for all of us, all the time. We hope you’re feeling a little better all the time. We suspect warmer weather will help, too.

  15. spittythekitty

    Hello my sweet furiend, Otis, Leader-Buddy, Here’s the way I look at this: You are in less pain now, so even if it takes, like, nine hours to climb the stairs, that’s cool! You know your Guardians will happily come to provide a lift, or maybe even bring you some treats while you rest. That was one honkin’ big operation You had and You need to give Yourself plenty of time to recuperate. That stair actually looks kinda comfy, just Otis-sized, and carpeted to boot.
    You just want to make sure You make plenty of noise to alert the Guardians of Your presence and prevent stepped-on tails and/or Guardians tumbling down the stairs (which I seem to recall one of them did not so very long ago even without Your help, heh heh.) It’s fine to rest partway through Your climb! Everest climbers take WEEKS to get to the top. And they have Sherpas! XOXOXO

  16. I hope you’re feeling better soon, Otis. Maybe you can take a little comfort in the fact that even on a bad day, you’re positively adorable.

  17. Ahhh sweet Otis, don’t feel bad about the stairs…many older folks find the stairs to eventually become quite a nemesis! The ol’ knees do a lot snap, crackle and pop with a rest or two on the way up.

    • Plus, one of the Guardians sometimes falls down the stairs! OK, so I did that once too, but I didn’t have to go to The Bad Place afterward like the Guardian did. πŸ™‚

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