Watcher in the Night

People and furry people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas, or should I say, Secret Agent T. I went on a mission last night. Yes, aΒ secret mission. As the Guardians sat with me after breakfast this morning, I don’t think they suspected a thing.

Nightwatcher 1

The Guardians sat with me as I finished my breakfast. I don’t think they knew anything about last night’s secret mission.

You see, late last night, under cover of darkness, I stole downstairs. I patrolled the ground floor for any suspicious wiener dog related activity and was relieved to find none, but I didn’t stop there. As the Guardians gave me my after breakfast pets, I reflected on the next phase of my mission.

Nightwatcher 2

As the unsuspecting Guardian gave me after breakfast pets, I recounted the next phase of last night’s mission in my head.

After clearing the ground floor, I entered super shadow stealth mode and snuck down the steps to the basement. I patrolled the hallway, the bathroom, and then I entered the Guardian’s bedroom. The Guardians were asleep on the bed. Brother Henry was snuggled up against one of them, and Brother Oliver was snuggled up against the other. Leader Otis was nearby, sleeping in his own private bed. Everything looked safe and secure in the room, but I couldn’t quite see the entire bed. If I was going to certain that no wiener dogs were present, I would have to get up there.

Just remembering what happened next got my blood pumping. I had to retreat from the Guardian’s hand and sit in my nearby cubby hole to calm down a little.


Nightwatcher 3

As I remembered the most intense moment in last night’s mission, I had to move away from the Guardian and sit calmly in my cubby.

I approached the bed, hesitated for a moment, and then jumped up. I sat down between the Guardians and scanned for any suspicious lumps in the sheets that might indicate a hiding wiener dog. Brother Henry was purring to my left. One of the Guardians sounded like they were purring to my right. Without thinking, I began to purr as well. My purring must have woken up the Guardian with whom Brother Henry was snuggling, because before I knew it his head had lifted slightly. The room was dark, and I am as shadow, so I don’t think he could fully make out what he was looking at. He raised his hand as if he was going to reach in my direction, at which point I made a hasty exit. I’m pretty sure that in his half-awake state, he wasn’t even certain what had happened.

Nightwatcher 4

I almost allowed my cover to be blown! But I bolted before the Guardian fully saw me.

I retreated back upstairs, secure in the knowledge that my family was safe and secure, and that my cover had not been blown. Huh… my family… I kind of said that without even thinking, but you know what? I think that feels right. The weird cats and the Guardians are now my family. And as long as Secret Agent T is on the job, they will remain safe from wiener dog attack.

Thomas Out

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43 responses to “Watcher in the Night

  1. Thomas, we don’t know what to say–except we’re happy your FAMILY is safe, thanks to you!

  2. Lovely Thomas! You’re guarding your Guardians — that’s really the best definition of Family.

  3. Batya Harlow

    Thomas, I’m so glad you now realize you have a Family. And it’s a pretty wonderful family.

  4. Well done, Secret Agent T. The Leader and the Brothers are lucky to have such a handsome and skilled protector. It sounds like you are perfecting the art of Sneaky.

  5. Aw Thomas! You’ve got me a little misty eyed here! Just look at the progress you’ve made! Breakfast pets and going downstairs and getting on the bed. I bet it won’t be that much longer before you have your very own spot on that bed from which to guard from midnight wiener dog incursions! And you call them family! That’s totally awesome!
    I think it’s funny that your guardian purrs… hee hee and I’m going to tell my kitties daddy that he’s not snoring, he’s purring too! πŸ˜€
    Extra snuggles Thomas!

  6. Ah, wiener dogs aren’t so bad. We had a minor shake-up about 5 months ago when another so called wiener dog joined the pack of furkids. Times were tense for the first week, but all has settled (once the kitties realized they were biggest) into peaceful coexistence. But you are right Thomas; it never hurts to keep your eyes open until you are sure!

  7. Your guardians and fellow felines are lucky to have you as a family member.
    I guard my mama at night. The other night she had a nightmare and I was right there to comfort here. People need us big time.

  8. “Family” feels just right – and is just right. Welcome to forever, Thomas. Purrs in joy to ya’

  9. Well done Agent T – huge strides towards family integration!

  10. spittythekitty

    Once in a while, I mount The Bed in the night, to check out just what the Human might be doing there. Like you, I am most wary and suspicious of the Humans while they sleep. Sometimes, the Human seems to sense my presence and reaches out a frightening arm to get all grabby hands with me, so I melt away into the darkness as you did. It’s one thing to scope out the action, but it’s quite another to allow touching at such a vulnerable moment. Please keep me apprised of your progress in this regard. I like to gather what intelligence I can about the unconscious Humans.

    • Yes, Spitty, I completely agree. I am not yet ready to allow touching during my patrols. So far, all I have learned about the unconscious humans is that they sometimes purr. Weird…

      – Thomas

  11. Dear Sweet Thomas, our HuMom calls you that. She said her heart cracked a little when she read us your blog. It’s both sweet and heartbreaking to get to watch you grow in to your family. From our own experiences we know your joy and fear. We are proud of you for continuing to move forward. Thank you for sharing your story. It helps us to remember who we once were. Realizing you are part of a family is a big step. Protecting them in the night is very brave but your willingness to explore the bedding shows a warriors valor. We salute you Secret Agent T. We hope it won’t be long before you can confide your mission to you family.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  12. Thomas, that was very brave of you.

  13. Your older sis Amber waves to you from N Texas Thomas!

  14. Hi Thomas! I know we already left a comment but I just wanted to say, you have a truly awesome set of whiskers. I never noticed how long and lush they were before these particular pictures. Anyway, they are a handsome addition to an already noteworthy face. ❀ M & H

  15. Well done Thomas!!!! Perhaps next time you should remain on the bed for a little while just to make absolutely certain all is well…and if you have to lie down while you are on watch, that is okay too πŸ™‚

  16. Woo hoo!! Secret Agent T has a furramily!! High paw slaps!!

  17. Heather

    I LOVE Thomas stories! You are so very brave Jr. Agent T and I know Brother Henry must be really proud of your diligence and dedication!!

    Ummm…does purring stand for snoring by chance? I just might use that. Next time hubby is snoring I’ll think of it as purring. Maybe it will be more tolerable then.

  18. (A big smile on typists doppy face after reading that!)

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