A Helping Hand

My Disciples,

Sometimes the world gets a little overwhelming. There are so many kitties out there in need, and I wish I could help them all, but I am only one kitty. There are days when it is difficult just to hold My head up, let alone do anything else. Fortunately, the Guardians are always there to lend a helping hand when it is needed.

Otis with head in hand

Some days it is hard to hold My head up, but the Guardians always lend a helping hand.

Although it’s always good to feel that support, I like it even better when those hands open up a bag of treats. Nothing restores a kitty’s hope for the future like having a tasty treat in the present.

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “A Helping Hand

  1. Ahhhh Leader O, I know you work hard to help other kittehs. For now, you take care of yourself and get your health back

  2. What is your favorite treat, Leader Otis? I love freeze-dried shrimp. They are crunchy and smell oh so fishy. Mistletoe likes freeze-dried chick-hens. When she gets to the bottom of the jar there is nothing but white powdered chick-hens left. She has to be careful or she sneezes the chick-hens all over the place and she looks very silly with white powdered chick-hens all over her face! Pumpkin likes both kinds of treats and Tiger likes fishy flakes best, but he’ll eat my shrimps too. Do Brothers Henry & Oliver like the same treats as the Leader? Or Thomas? Our human says she and the grand lady run a kittycat buffet. The Ginger Twins like to eat our woofies food. Yuck! I’m sorry all the lonely kitties make you feel sad. I know I wish we could have a few more brofurs here. Not sisfurs though. Mistletoe is sisfur enough for a whole houseful of boy cats! Someday there will be a furever home for every kitty and woofie. Maybe there will even be waiting list! The sooner everyone spays and neutered their furbabies, the sooner we all will have homes. Thanks for all the work you do helping kitties and educating humans. It makes a difference even if it can be hard to see sometimes.
    Ought oh, I’ve meowed too long. Mistletoe will give me ” the look” and make a big sigh.
    Mistletoe & Me! Hitch!

  3. My kitties love hand pillows. Especially if I’m on the computer trying to type. They also tell me that computer keyboards make great pillows too. I’m not sure why, they are not soft or cushiony. I’m guessing it is becaue they have the perfect amount of lift to elevate the head when napping.

  4. Oh, must run to get Greenies and support RC Cat – she’s looking limp…
    Adorable reminder, Otis.

  5. I feel the same way Otis although when I am overwhelmed it is my wonderful kitties who come and give me a lift 🙂

  6. It’s good that you have support from your guardians. And from the brothers and your followers. You do good work, Otis! Hope you got some treats too!

  7. Leader Otis, treats will help you feel better.

  8. I could use a handful of cookies myself Leader Otis!

  9. spittythekitty

    My Human would LOVE to cushion my sweet little heady in her hand just like that, but she knows only too well the blood loss that results from any such misguided attempt.

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