Swashbuckler Sunday

My Disciples,

I don’t know why, but I woke up this morning feeling a little bit pirate-y. I told Brother Henry that I wanted to declare today “Swashbuckler Sunday” and he got all excited. He said, “Swashbuckler Sunday! Does that mean I get to say ‘arrrrrrrrrrrr’ and call you Captain Otis!?” I said, “Nope, that’s not what it means at all.” Brother Henry said, “Well then what do we get to do on Swashbuckler Sunday?” I showed him.

Henry the Pirate

This is what we do on Swashbuckler Sunday.

After finding out that we had to wear pirate hats on Swashbuckler Sunday, Brother Henry lost all interest. I asked Brother Oliver if he wanted to participate and he just laughed and walked away. I also asked Thomas, but he just said, “Ummmmm… Leader Otis, why don’t you wear the hat and I will just watch… from way over here…” Yeah, right, there was no way I was putting that thing on. I still feel pirate-y though. Hmmmm… maybe I should just have everyone say “Arrrrrrrrrr….” and call me Captain Otis…

So Sayeth Otis

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10 responses to “Swashbuckler Sunday

  1. arrrrrrrrr…aye aye, Cap’, Otis! Yer hat shivvers our timbers, that it do!

  2. Maybe Brother Henry would have worn the hat if he also got to talk pirate and you could’ve called him “Matey” . Just a thought.
    Mistletoe and her First Mate, Hitch

  3. theislandcats

    Arrrrr….that be a fine hat ye be wearin’, Cap’n Otis.

  4. Captain Otis, I don’t know why your scurvy crew wouldn’t play along, but we think it sounds like ship-loads of fun!

  5. To ERR is human. To ARR is pirate. ARR away, Captain, Otis, ARR away…

  6. It may just be me Otis but you don’t look too sure if you like being a pirate or not LOL!

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