The Return of the Yawn Boomerang: Part II

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. When we left off yesterday, I had just taken several hits from a powerful yawn boomerang. I discovered that the yawn had been bouncing off of the nearby window, and I jumped down to the floor to try to get out of the line of fire.

Return of Boomerang Yawn 9

Once I was on the floor, everything seemed to be OK. The yawn did not immediately come back, so I assumed it had missed me. But then I felt it. The urge to yawn welled up inside me. I clamped my mouth shut and fought it with all my might.

Return of Boomerang Yawn 11

Right at that moment, Leader Otis came walking in. He said, “Oh, hi Brother Henry…”, and then, noticing my face, he said, “…wait, are you OK?”

Return of Boomerang Yawn 10

Without thinking, I started to say, “Yes”, but as my mouth started to open, the yawn burst forth. My “yes” came out as, “YEAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!”, and it was aimed directly at The Leader!

Return of Boomerang Yawn 12

The yawn hit Leader Otis with such force that he was thrown back against the couch.

Return of Boomerang Yawn 12

As Leader Otis bounced off the couch, he tried to yell, “BROTHER HENRY!”, but the yawn boomerang caught up with him in the middle of it. It ended up coming out as, “BROTHER HENRAAAAAAAAAW!”

Return of Boomerang Yawn 14

Still moving from the bounce he got off the couch, The Leader hit the ground and began to roll.

Return of Boomerang Yawn 15

He finally came to rest in a patch of sunlight about 6 feet in front of the couch. He looked dazed.

Several seconds passed, and neither of us yawned again. The Leader eventually sat up and said, “I think we’re safe now.” At that moment, we heard Thomas’s voice coming down from Kitty Valhalla. He said, “Hey you guys! What’s all that noise down thAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!” Leader Otis and I took one look at each other and dove under the couch. We didn’t come out until three hours later when Brother Oliver said he saw a couple dogs yawning as they walked by out front. At that point we figured the yawn must have finally escaped the house.

So Says Brother Henry

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8 responses to “The Return of the Yawn Boomerang: Part II

  1. Yawning is powerful medicine. We know a human that uses the boomerang yawn to control human children. While reading a story she will yawn several times. By the end of the story all the children have been infected with the boomerang yawn and are willing to nap for the allotted amount of time. She cautions anyone attempting this procedure to do so very carefully. Otherwise the adult ends up napping while the children…….well, that is best left unsaid.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  2. Must be that spring sunshine leaking in…tends to cause season yawns?

  3. Joy

    I wonder what causes the yawn boomerang. I mean, most of my family (including me) are allergic to the sun because most of us sneeze when we’re in the sun. But I don’t know much about yawning.

  4. Wow! Who was the genius who decided to throw that boomerang at the dogs?? That should effectively stop them from starting the Long Feared Dog Uprising! At least until they toss the thing at the next unfortunate group. Probably squirrels. Dogs are weird about squirrels..(I hear they are always on the look out for the ninja squirrel army, talk about goofy!)

    • I’m guessing it was Brother Oliver who somehow redirected the yawn. He is, after all, The Brains of The Cult of Otis.

      Squirrel ninjas? I would counter their attack with my mighty Cat-fu!

      – Brother Henry

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