The Return of the Yawn Boomerang: Part I

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. You may recall that about a year ago here at The Cult of Otis we had a run-in with an odd, boomeranging yawn. Actually, Brother Oliver and Leader Otis felt the brunt of its effects. I only caught the tail end of it and I wasn’t even sure what had happened until The Leader told me about it.

Even after that brief encounter, I had no idea how dangerous a yawn boomerang can really be… until yesterday, that is. Let me tell you what happened.

Retrun of Boomerang Yawn 1

It all started when I was sitting on the bench below the front window. I was just relaxing and minding my own business.

Retrun of Boomerang Yawn 2

Suddenly, I had an overpowering urge to yawn. So I did. It felt perfectly natural. It also made sense because I was just getting ready for a nap.

Retrun of Boomerang Yawn 3

I completed the yawn and felt myself start to relax a little more. My eyelids drooped. A nap was imminent.

Retrun of Boomerang Yawn 4

Suddenly, the yawn came back! It hit me hard in the face causing my jaws to fly open. I was so surprised, I tried to yowl, but it just came out as an extremely loud yawning sound!

Retrun of Boomerang Yawn 5

As I was recovering from the yawn, I stood up. I thought maybe I could run away before the yawn bounced off of something and hit me again.

Retrun of Boomerang Yawn 6

I didn’t move fast enough. I was hit in the face once again!

Return of Boomerang Yawn 7

Knocked back into a sitting position, I looked around to see if I could spot what the yawn was bouncing off of.

Return of Boomerang Yawn 8

I looked to my right. I faintly saw my reflection in the window a split second before the yawn hit me again in the face. It had been bouncing off the glass!

At this point, I jumped off of the bench and down onto the floor in the hope that I could avoid the next bounce of the yawn boomerang. I thought if I got out of the direct line of fire, I would be safe. I thought wrong.

So Says Brother Henry

Tomorrow- The Return of the Yawn Boomerang: Part II

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20 responses to “The Return of the Yawn Boomerang: Part I

  1. merbear74

    No kitty is safe from the Yawn Boomerang.

  2. 2 cats

    The boomerang got me too!

  3. Here is a secret. It gets human people too. Especially when they are on the phone. I think it bounces of the phone or mic.

  4. orientallily001

    The peep says those yawns are contagious.

  5. Goodness! I know you can send yawns to other people (I had to yawn just looking at yours!) but I had no idea you could do it to yourself! And a Quadruple Boomerang Yawn! Yikes!

  6. Batya Harlow

    Brother Henry, I am so glad that none of the kitties chez Otis drive. You wisely let the Guardians chaffeur you around when you must go somewhere. I say this because I was boomeranged by a yawn while driving the other day, and it is very unsafe. The really big yawns force your eyes shut. So you might want to watch very carefully next time the Guardians drive you somewhere. You might have to use all your strength to re-direct the yawn to yourself, so the car remains safely under control of a human with eyes open.

    • Oh know! I can imagine being boomeranged by driving would definitely be dangerous, Batya! Of course, when Brother Oliver, Leader Otis and I are in the car, we are too busy yowling our heads off to yawn. Thomas just freezes up and looks angry though.

      – Brother Henry

  7. Those are some awesome yawns!

  8. If my cats did that, you could smell the fish breath a mile away!

  9. Holy moly! Will that yawn ever stop coming back??

  10. I think that yawn is bouncing here, too!

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