Sad News About Mama Cat’s Family

My Disciples,

As you may have read yesterday, Mama Cat had developed some bad mats in her fur. The Guardians of Otis were going to investigate to see if everything was OK at Mama’s house. Well… they did, and it isn’t. Mama’s family is going through a very hard time right now, and one of her guardians is fighting a potentially terminal illness. Brother Oliver and I ran into Mama Cat when we were out in My Outdoor Domain earlier, and we did our best to provide her some support and encouragement.

Mama's Mats 4

Mama Cat’s family is going through a difficult time, and that means Mama is too. We are doing our best to support her.

In addition to learning about the illness, the Guardians of Otis also learned that Nacho, a kitty that lived with Mama Cat and Cookie, disappeared about three months ago. His former guardians think he was taken in by a couple that lives up the street, but they don’t know for sure. We knew we hadn’t seen him around in a while, but he usually stays inside (when he is allowed to) throughout the winter.

Because of all of the difficulties Mama’s and Cookie’s guardians are going through, the Guardians of Otis asked if they would like them to watch out for Cookie and Mama in the coming weeks. Of course, they’ve been doing this unofficially for over two years, but they wanted Mama’s and Cookie’s guardians to know that they’d be happy to help in any way they are able. Mama’s guardians were grateful, and so was Mama when the Guardians of Otis gave her some dinner.

Mama's Mats 5

The Guardians of Otis will continue to watch out for Mama Cat while her family is going through these hard times.

After she enjoyed her dinner, Mama Cat was given lots of praise and attention. Trying to pet her before she was done eating only resulted in this face though.

Mama's Mats 6

Please let Mama finish her dinner before giving her pets.

Please purr for Mama’s and Cookie’s guardians. They really are nice people, and they are having a very hard time right now. I know there are many trying days ahead for Mama and her family, and the Guardians will do whatever they can to aid them. They will also make sure that Mama’s and Cookie’s needs aren’t forgotten amidst the stress and sorrow of the situation.

So Sayeth Otis

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49 responses to “Sad News About Mama Cat’s Family

  1. If there were more Guardians this kind, the world would be a better place. Love to Mama Cat and Cookie.

  2. Poor Mama. She’s one of my favorite kitties featured on this site. Hope she gets lots of love in the coming days.

  3. Joseline

    Pretty sad time for Mama Cat and Cookie. Prayers for her guardians. Thank you for looking after them.

  4. 2 cats

    poor Mama cat and her family. maybe some more catlympic training will help take her mind off things

  5. That is very sad news. I agree with merbear–if we could clone your Guardians, the world would be a better place for sure. Thank you for taking care of Mama Cat and her guardians. Knowing that Mama and Cookie are taken care surely gives them a tiny bit of peace of mind during this hard time.

  6. 😦 many purrs to those involved..

  7. That’s so nice you’re taking careof the cats and their family.

  8. Nijinsky cat

    Purrs to Mama Cat, Cookie, and Nacho where ever he may be!

  9. GiRRL_Earth

    Otis, et al.
    Would you mind sending me (or posting) some photos of the outdoor enclosure your guardians built for you? I’d like to try and do something similar for my five cats. 🙂

  10. ena

    so sad. I am glad to hear Otis, that you and the brothers are encouraging Mama cat. People forget that pets feel the stress of family illness and difficulties too, and having a friend really does make all the difference.

  11. Oh that is very sad Otis! Thank you to your Guardians for caring enough to ask in a way that was helpful for all. And thanks for helping those kitties.

    PS: that pic of mama is priceless!

  12. purrs to mama cat’s family. we are so very glad the guardians took a minute to check on her people and make sure things were ok. we are sorry they aren’t but the world needs more people who are willing to check on others.

  13. Oh dear, no wonder Momma Cat got mats. We’re purring for her family and hope they get through this. Thank goodness your guardians are so willing to help Momma can Cookie and that they aren’t left to fend for themselves. Give your guardians some extra hugs and snuggles, guys, to thank them for caring for their neighbors, both furry and non furry.

  14. Thank you for stepping in – this is a kindness. (and no doubt the family so grateful you noticed and stopped by to inquire. People are so disconnected these days.)
    Stressed Mama you are a little fur guardian who knew when to seek help for yourself and your family. Purring calm and serenity to all. And will keep Mama’s family in our prayers.
    Thanks again Otis and all

  15. Mom had to go away and stop crying to come back and help me comment. You know we are in love with Mama Cat. Can we help?

  16. Many purrs going up for Mama Cat, Cookie and their Guardians and thank you both for watching out for them in the meantime.

  17. We are so sorry that there is illness in Mama Cat & Cookie’s human family. We want to thank the Cult of Otis for doing all you can, even before you knew there was a problem. When our humans were talking about this one said that the Cult of Otis really walks the walk. We never heard that before but we are glad you are walking Mama Cat’s way.
    Purrs and prayers,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  18. We’re so sorry to hear that Mama Cat’s human family isn’t doing well. It’s heartwarming that your guardians are willing to step in and help Mama Cat and Cookie. (But don’t pet her before she’s done eating again.)

  19. Linda

    Thank you for looking out for Mama Cat and Cookie. They are so lucky to have you as neighbors.

  20. We’re sorry to hear about Mama Cat’s Guardians. We’ll purr for them. And it’s really nice that your Guardians have offered to watch out for and take care of Mama Cat and the others.

  21. Purring extremely loud as I write for Mama and her family. What a fortunate girl and family to have such loving and vigilant 4 and two legged neighbors! Thank you for sharing Mama’s story.

  22. Reblogged this on saymberblondi and commented:
    Just another example of the good going on in the world – people and animals loving their neighbors. Thank you to Otis, brothers and wonderful Guardians!

  23. Great that you can help in the way you are doing. Every little bit of help that family gets at the moment must be so encouraging. Purrrs for them all.

  24. You have a great heart we would have done the same xxx hugs to them all x

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