Songrewriter Sunday

My Disciples,

This morning Brother Oliver and I were trying to figure out new ways to get people to think about keeping cats happy, healthy, and safely contained. I mentioned that people seem to really like songs, and that they seem to stick in peoples’ heads. I know I have often heard the Guardians humming or singing the same song repeatedly throughout the day. I suggested that maybe we should write a song that talks about the plight of kitties.

At this point Brother Oliver said, “That’s a great idea Leader Otis, except that neither of us knows how to make music or write songs…” I thought about this for a moment and then said, “But maybe we don’t have to write a whole song, maybe we could take a song that is already catchy and rewrite it. I’m pretty sure I could do it. I think I have the soul of a songrewriter!”

Otis Song Rewriter

I told Brother Oliver that we could rewrite a song instead of writing one from scratch. I feel that I have the soul of a songrewriter.

Brother Oliver got all excited for a moment, but then he paused and said, “Wait, do you think we might get sued if we rewrite someone’s song?” I said, “Ummmm… Brother O? We’re cats. What are they going to sue us for, our catnip? Besides, if we were ever to record it, it would just sound to the songwriters like we are meowing and yowling so I don’t think they would have much of a case…” I then told Brother Oliver that I had heard the Guardians listening to a song by a band called something like Old Crunchy Crow Medicine Show, and that it would be a perfect song for us to rewrite. I found the original song online so you can hear it.

And here’s My official, rewritten version of I Hear Them All.

I hear the crying of the kitties
Out in Limbo where they’re wandering
Hear them crying out for humankind’s
Benevolence upon them

Hear neglectful acts aboundin’
I hear foolish words resoundin’
Claiming kitties shouldn’t be inside at all

I hear them all
I hear them all
I hear them all

I hear the sound of screeching tires
And the roar of angry neighbors
Casting blame on the poor cats
And not their guardian’s behavior

And deep in shadows hide the ferals
In desperate need of human saviors
And the lonely barn cats gather in their stalls

I hear them all
I hear them all
I hear them all

So while some sit and whistle, ‘Dixie’
Doing nothing with their power
I can hear the lonely kitties
Getting rescued by the hour

I hear breeders quit their lyin’
I hear people quit their buyin’
I hear kitties quit their dyin’ one and all

I hear them all
I hear them all
I hear them all

I hear the tender words from Otis
I hear The Brothers’ caterwaul
Hear the gentle purr of Thomas
In from Limbo safe among us

And the Saints from precious Basil
To the hungry Starvin’ Marvin
Take their places at the table when they’re called

I hear them all
I hear them all
I hear them all

I hear them all
I hear them all
I hear them all

I hear them all
I hear them all
I hear them all

So Sayeth Otis

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16 responses to “Songrewriter Sunday

  1. Love it! You have a future as a song rewriter. Now if I only knew the tune.

  2. Otis! You have a gift! I sincerely hope you will share your future song rewriting efforts on the blog. Great work!

  3. If you could only ask for the original group to sing your lyrics, this could make a lot of money for your cause and give great publicity to them too. It’s a cats world, after all 😉

  4. Wonderful talent. (but don’t quit your day job, just yet)

  5. Wow, those are wonderful, touching, meaningful lyrics. I love it.

  6. So sad to think of all those poor, homeless kitties 😦

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