I Just Knew It Would Happen

My Disciples,

When Brother Oliver started taking photos again, I just knew it would happen. He would take a few photos of Me, a few of Brother Henry… ummm, I will say that the Thomas photo session was a bit of a surprise as I never thought Junior Agent T would agree to it but… OH! Where I was going with this is that I knew that Brother Oliver would eventually come back around to his favorite subject. And I was right. He came running up to me this morning and asked Me if I would post what he felt was possibly his most compelling image yet. So… here it is.

El Gato

Here is the image that Brother Oliver thought was possibly his best yet. Of course, it is a self-portrait. He calls it “El Gato”.

Yep, Brother Oliver’s favorite subject is himself. When he told Me he calls this image “El Gato” I asked, “Why don’t you call it ‘El Gato Loco’?” I don’t think he found it amusing.

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “I Just Knew It Would Happen

  1. Oh, I kinda like the photo. Of course, he does look more than a little intense.

  2. It is a great photo though. Ya gotta admit that!

  3. Well, at least he can say he loves his art!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  4. Sure captures a mood. Meow Out Loud (MOL)

  5. That’s a pretty good self portrait of Brother Oliver. But he should smile next time. 🙂

  6. Ooo he looks very fierce and intimidating in that one! Nice!

  7. El Gato loco esta muy clever, Otis. 🙂

  8. That’s an excellent photo, Oliver! Face perfectly in focus, with the rest of the body receding into a dark blur. It makes you look very menacing and intimidating. The expression is a slightly threatening curiosity, I would not want to be a mouse looking at that! But to me you also look very cute and cuddly because you are such a handsome fellow 🙂

  9. Oh Oliver, I could just pet your nose. Seriously, that’s what this photo makes me want to do. I think I’ll go pet the local kitty noses.

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