Brother Oliver’s New Photography Model

My Disciples,

As you know, Brother Oliver recently resumed his quest to become the world’s greatest kitty photographer. To that end, he took photos of Me and Brother Henry, but he said he needed to find a fresh-faced new model to help him take his work to the next level. Well, you’re never going to believe this, but he has found that model, and it’s Thomas!

Thomas Photo Session 1

Somehow Brother Oliver convinced Thomas to pose for him. I was there for the photo session.

Yep, Brother Oliver asked Thomas if he would pose for some photographs. Even though this meant that Thomas would have to stay up well after the sun had risen, he agreed to Brother Oliver’s request. I have no idea why, especially since he always seems to be a bit hesitant to participate in most official Cult business, but he seemed fairly eager to help Brother Oliver out.

The photo session took place in Kitty Valhalla, and I had a front row seat on the Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness. After taking the semi-candid shot above, Brother Oliver asked Thomas to look out the window and reflect on the time he had spent in Limbo. I could tell that Brother Oliver was lining him up so that he was reflecting literally as well as figuratively. It gave the impression that Thomas was both inside looking out and outside looking in. Brother Oliver calls the image simply “Reflection on the Past”.

Thomas Reflecting

Brother Oliver told Thomas to look out the window and reflect on his past life. He called the resulting image “Reflection on the Past”.

Brother Oliver was happy with this photo, but he felt that he could still draw out more of, in his words, “Thomas’s inner fire.” He told Thomas to relax, sit next to the window and look intensely at the camera. As Thomas tried to concentrate, I noticed that his upper lip raised a little on the left side. For some reason he has done this ever since his left upper Fang of Fury was removed.

Thomas looking intense 1

Brother Oliver asked Thomas to look intensely at the camera. This is what he did.

Brother Oliver paused for a moment and then said, “That’s good Thomas, but now I want to see more intensity! Can you do that?” Thomas’s eyes narrowed. He tried to project more intensity as Brother Oliver had asked.

Thomas with more intensity

Brother Oliver asked Thomas to show a little more intensity. This is what he did.

Brother Oliver looked at the shot he had just taken and said, “We’re close! We’re so close Thomas! I just need a little more intensity! Ok. Let’s see… ummmm… I know, what if you try to imagine that you are looking at something that gives you a surge of adrenaline. Hmmmm… let me think…. what would that be… you’re looking at…” I couldn’t help Myself, I interjected, “YOU’RE LOOKING AT A WIENER DOG!” Thomas’s face immediately changed. He looked kind of crazy.

Brother Oliver shouted, “THAT’S IT!”, and then managed to take one shot before Thomas jumped off the bench and dove into his cubby hole below.

Thomas with maximum intensity

Here is the last photo Brother Oliver took before Thomas jumped off the bench. He calls it “The Intensity of Thomas”.

Brother Oliver said, “That was great Thomas! Do you want to pose some more?” Thomas replied, “Sorry Brother Oliver. Leader Otis made me remember that wiener dog attacks are far more likely to happen during daylight hours. I think I’m done, at least until the sun goes down.” Brother Oliver said that he understood. He wished Thomas a restful day and then headed downstairs to find other, less wiener dog obsessed, photo subjects.

So Sayeth Otis

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21 responses to “Brother Oliver’s New Photography Model

  1. 2 cats

    Thomas is a great model, so handsome

  2. Oh those whiskers…they are just too much.

  3. Brother Oliver is very talented. It can be hard to take interesting photos when you know your model too well. Perhaps Brother Oliver could concentrate on taking photos of the shadows? The play between light and dark has fascinated great photographers for a long time. Or I think it has. Anyway, sometimes pictures of the shadows seem almost alive.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  4. GiRRL_Earth

    OMG Hysterical! Two of my cats had a fang of fury removed and now they are constantly getting their lip stuck. It’s hysterical. 🙂

  5. False wiener dog alert – so funny! This reminds me of a story my dad tells about the famous “bulldog” picture of Winston Churchill. How do you make a mild-mannered, middle-aged world leader look like a bulldog? Take away his cigar! (Supposedly, that’s just what Joseph Karsh did as he took the photo.)

  6. Great pictures! Thomas is very cute. The refletion one is wonderful.
    Is he really lifting that side of his muzzle or is it an optical illusion because that side is white? I wonder if, like a human, his tongue keeps going to that empty spot? Maybe that’s his tongue holding it up. Either way, he’s just too cute.

  7. Thomas makes an excellent model.

  8. Wow! Thomas has really wild whiskers and brows. I am jealous I think.

  9. spittythekitty

    We are most impressed with Brother O’s great skills in photography, as well as his ability to evoke passion from his subjects.
    My Human has been horrifically indisposed this week with something she calls the “FLOO” so she has not been helping me visit as much as I would like. We’ll be back regularly soon, once she gets over her little “illness”–I mean, c’mon! We kitties just disappear under the bed, lick our wounds, and come out right as rain with a cheerful cattitude. What is with these Humans and all their moaning and groaning and complaining? Pfft!

  10. ena

    love those curly whiskers

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