The Sacred White Cloud Has Expanded

People and furry people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. So, as you are aware, I find the cats with whom I live to be a little weird. But I like them. Lately, Leader Otis has been coming upstairs to visit me in my den (which everyone else refers to as Kitty Valhalla, by the way). I think Leader Otis has been coming upstairs more because his surgerized leg is getting stronger. Everyone, including me, is very happy about that.

Anyway, there is a big puffy bed in my den that everyone else calls The Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness. I like to sleep on it during the day, but when Leader Otis comes up, he wants to sleep on it. I am really not completely comfortable snuggling with anyone other than Brother Henry right now, so I just let The Leader have the cloud and I retreat to my cubby hole. He has always been kind to me. I figure I can return the favor.

Well, this morning, when I returned to my den after attending to top secret duties all night in the house below, I discovered that the Sacred White Cloud had grown larger! Leader Otis was already napping on it, but there was enough room left over that I could sleep on there as well! I just climbed right on!

Thomas and Otis on white cloud 1

The Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness had grown larger! Now we could both sleep on it!

I mean, yeah, I still think these cats are weird. So, you know, I kind of just humor them and try to fit in as best I can. I am still not entirely clear on what this whole cult thing is about, but I just play it cool and… ummmmm… I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY AND I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM SHARING THE SACRED WHITE CLOUD OF ETERNAL COMFINESS WITH THE LEADER RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Thomas and Otis on white cloud 2


Whew! Sorry about that. I have no idea what came over me. So, as I was saying… I guess I kind of like it here… yeah… it will do.

Thomas Out

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21 responses to “The Sacred White Cloud Has Expanded

  1. Thomas, will you please ask the Guardians if the Sacred White Cloud of Eternal Comfiness is a bed? Or a giant pillow with a comfy blankie over it? We need a SWCEC here at our house, like, yesterday.

    • Hmmmmm… I poked around at it, and it seems to be some magical union of pillows and a blankie, Christine! The whole is so much greater than the sum of its parts though!

      – Thomas

  2. Aww, Thomas, this is so good to hear.

  3. Hi Thomas! I can totally relate to your situation. Several years ago I, well…I convinced one of the humans to give me a ride. I was outside and figured any place was better than where I was. So I found myself in a house with 3 other cats, a dog and a variety of human types. Even after all these years I still think they are ALL weird, but now they’re mine. It’s not so bad. Good food, sunny windows, cozy beds. I’m not a cuddler, but I like having them around. Every now and then I get this rush of feeling that makes me want to put my scent on everyone and run through the house dancing and singing. Yeah, it’s a real sight to see a cat dance. If that kind of rush ever overtakes you? Go with it. The humans act all silly and leaky eyed, but around here they pull out real live dead dried shrimps. Umm umm good! So enjoy buddy, at least your not ruled by a girlcat with a stick up her tail. From now on, it’s all gravy!

    Oh look, Mistletoe wants to edit my comment…

    Too late,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Thank you for your story, Hitch. It helps to know that I am not the only kitty that has been taken in to a house with weird cats. I think everything will be fine… I mean… I do like them. πŸ™‚

      – Thomas

  4. Thomas is getting closer to Leader Otis – more enlightened day by day. It’s good to see!

  5. spittythekitty

    The Human and I are Most Pleased to hear that Your surgerized leg is growing stronger and you are able to climb up to the SWC more often. It was most thoughtful of Your Humans to enlarge the cloud so that both You and Brother Thomas can share. All in all, a very satisfying arrangement.

  6. Aw Thomas! Every kitty is weird in their own way. Let your weird flag fly!! I’m so happy that you’re so happy to share the SWCOEC with the leader! I’m SOO happy to see you getting along with everyone and really settling in and becoming a part of the family, weird or not!
    Dare we hope you might even be accepting scritches and maybe snuggles from the guardians, soon if not now??

    • Ummmm… yeah… I let one of the Guardians give me pets and scratches, but only on my terms and only in the safety of my den… errr… Valhalla. No snuggles though! Just the thought kind of freaks me out…

      – Thomas

  7. Heather

    I love reading Thomas stories! We’re really rooting for you and are thrilled that you are cuddling with Brother Henry and making yourself more at home. You might want to watch out for leader Otis though. If you snuggle really close, he just might start using you as a pillow.

  8. Well done, Thomas, well done!! πŸ™‚

  9. Thomas, if you think they are weird now just think what they must have been like before you arrived??!! Especially that one with a leader complex! BOL

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