Does Your Cat Have SIS?

My Disciples,

Today I need to talk to you about a devastating illness that affects kitties everywhere. The symptoms of this illness include sudden loss of the ability to stand, extreme sleepiness, elevated body temperature, prolonged squinting, and excessive euphoria. The disease of which I speak is called, “Sunlight Incapacitation Syndrome”, SIS for short, and it may shock you to learn that your kitties may be infected.

Brother Oliver has been fighting the effects of this disease for years, but with little success. Fortunately, the Guardians have fully educated themselves on this illness. Since they know that he will be paralyzed, sometimes for hours by SIS, they have placed comfortable resting spots all around the house in areas that SIS attacks are most likely to occur.

Oliver with SIS

Brother Oliver also struggles with SIS. The Guardians have strategically placed comfy resting spots in areas where SIS is likely to happen.

Sometimes though, the attack happens so suddenly that cats are unable to make it to a soft bed before the paralysis sets in. Brother Henry (yes, he too is an SIS sufferer) found himself in just such a position yesterday when an SIS attack struck right by the front door.

Henry with SIS

Sometimes SIS hits so suddenly, that cats can’t make it to an appropriate spot to ride out the attack.

I don’t know whether SIS is contagious, or if it is just something cats are born with, but it certainly seems to affect a huge number of kitties. I suspect that Thomas may also have it, but he stays in Valhalla all day long and I have never made it upstairs to check on him when the sun comes out. You see… I too suffer from SIS, and even the slightest bit of sunshine hitting My fur will knock Me right off My feet.

Otis with SIS

Yes, I have lived with SIS all My life. The effects are truly devastating…

So please, keep a close eye on your kitty for the tell-tale symptoms of this disease. You may want to place many soft beds throughout the house. Β Perhaps the kitty will be able to make it to one of these “safey-safes” whenever he or she feels an attack coming on. And remember, after each attack, the kitty will need lots of love, snacks and possibly brushing so they can shake off any lingering effects of SIS. There is no known cure for this insidious affliction, but with a little care and preparation, you can at least help your kitty manage the symptoms. Oh, and some good, medical grade catnip will probably help too. It certainly couldn’t hurt.

So Sayeth Otis

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31 responses to “Does Your Cat Have SIS?

  1. Thank you for this very informative article! I have shared it with others so they too would be more aware of this issue and can make appropriate accommodations.

    • Thanks for spreading the word, Connie! Although there is no cure for SIS, at least we can make kitties more comfortable when they are stricken by this terrible affliction! πŸ™‚

  2. Sherry Narens

    Oh indeed. My poor friend Gower was so overcome that he was unable to move after the sunlight had passed.

    • Oh no! That sounds like Gower might have a more extreme form of the disease called PSIS, or Post Sunlight Immobilization Syndrome. Actually, almost all kitties have this as well. πŸ™‚

  3. I have often wondered why I would randomly find Bella passed out in the middle of the floor. Now I know she was dealing with SIS. We will add more beds around the house this very evening. Although SIS is nothing to joke about, the photos of you and the brothers made me smile.

  4. spittythekitty

    I would like to take this opportunity to mention the related illness, RIS, or Radiator Incapacitation Syndrome. The symptoms of this illness mimic those of SIS, although squinting may not occur, and the locale of the attacks is more limited, being confined to an 12-inch arc radiating out from the source. All of the other symptoms are present. One additional symptom, which may or may not be present in both RIS and SIS, is extensive bone loss, resulting in almost complete limpness when the Cat is re-positioned or lifted.

    Thank You, leader Otis, for raising awareness in the Human community about this delightful, uh, I mean serious, affliction.

  5. Goodness! So that is what Lucy and Leo suffers from!

  6. Thank you, Leader Otis. It is a great relief to know the name of our affliction. Do you think Humans could be like wise affected? We have one who seems to have similar attacks in the comfy chair every sunny afternoon. We had thought it was the chair, but maybe…? But, no matter, at least she’s excellent cuddle material when….I mean IF, …we have an SIS attack near there. Thank you again for this vital information.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Hmmmmmm… I hadn’t thought about the possibility of SIS being found in humans M and H. I think it is a good possibility that it does afflict some of them, but I’ve noticed that others tend to become more active when the sunlight hits them. For example, one of the Guardians always immediately heads outside and starts digging around in the garden when it is sunny. I wonder if this might be an opposite disorder called SMS, or Sunlight Mobilization Syndrome. It requires further study, I think. πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, all of you are effected? Poor things! How thoughtful of your guardians to provide cushions in the likely areas. Too bad they can’t pad the entire house though.

  8. ena

    When my daughter would lay the baby down on his blanket on the floor, the cats would discover the sun-pot beside the baby and practically push him aside to get to the sun and collapse. It’s a strong ailment to be sure. In the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, Calvin observed Hobbes going from one warm spot to another until he finally collapsed in a sun-spot and asked, “Do cats only have fur for show?” Who really knows…

    • Actually, Ena, I bet those cats were trying to rescue the baby. They probably thought that he had succumbed to SIS and they were trying to push him out of the sunlight so he could recover. Unfortunately, they succumbed to their own SIS before they could complete the rescue. πŸ™‚

  9. GiRRL_Earth

    Oh Otis, you have know idea, my 5 suffer from serious SIS or as my Italian Father Calls it: “Baking Sunshine Cakes”.

    Fondly, your newest follower/disciples:

    GiRRL_Earth et al.

  10. Bless you for being such an incredible family: you Otis for increasing awareness and your lovely bipeds for taking such good care and your other family members who continue to fill our hearts. Max, Bella and mom the typist.

  11. We’re all affected by SIS here, including our Guardians. Good to know we’re not alone in our…ahem…..suffering.

  12. We admit it..we are the Island Cats and we are SIS sufferers.

  13. Hey do you know that us dogs get that too? Something we have in common!

  14. Sigh – both Nekoka and Sassafrass succumb to this horrible affliction on a regular basis. The poor things…

  15. Sunlight Incapacitation Syndrome is the perfect name for it!
    Hi, this is our first time visiting your fun blog. My NTM (Not The Mama) is the typist behind our personal cat blog is Purrchance To Dream

    He also runs The Cat Blogosphere, and since we saw that you don’t have a Cat Blogosphere badge in your sidebar, we thought you might not be familiar with the site – it’s kind of like an online newspaper for cats. Plus, we have a daily linkies post where you can leave a link to your recent blog post, and find links to other active cat bloggers. Hope you can come check it out!

  16. Squishy

    I have SIS A and SIS B. Sunlight Incapacitation Syndrome AND Shadow Incapacitation Syndrome. Life is tough, but I manage.

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