Scared Squirrel Sunday

My Disciples,

Brother Henry has requested that today be officially declared “Scared Squirrel Sunday”. It all started this morning when he was sitting in the window looking out at our back fence. I heard him get all excited and start using his “kitty machine gun” noises on something. Suddenly he shouted, “LEADER OTIS! IT’S A SQUIRREL!”, then, lowering his voice, he continued, “… I think she sees me…”

Henry watching squirrel 1

Brother Henry was machine gunning something outside the window. It was a squirrel.

Brother Henry was silent for a few seconds, and then he said, “Yes, she definitely sees me. Ha! I bet she is really scared to see such a threatening predator eyeballing her! Wait, here she comes.” I looked over Brother Henry’s shoulder and saw that the squirrel was moving closer.

Henry watching squirrel 2

Brother Henry thought that the squirrel must be very scared to see him sitting there. I wasn’t so sure about that.

Brother Henry tensed. He said, “That’s right little squirrel… tremble before the mighty hunter…” But it didn’t look like the squirrel was trembling to Me. She actually came as close as she could on the fence, and then stared right at Brother Henry.

Henry watching squirrel 3

The squirrel came right to the edge of the fence and stared directly at Brother Henry.

As Brother Henry stared back at the squirrel, he said, “Yes, look into my eyes. Do you see it? It is your doom…” The squirrel turned away and Brother Henry said, “Ha! She is so frightened she can’t even look at me!” The squirrel started grooming with her back to Brother Henry. She still didn’t look very scared to me.

Henry watching squirrel 4

Brother Henry said that the squirrel was so afraid she couldn’t look at him. She didn’t look scared to Me.

After grooming for several minutes, the squirrel left. As her tail disappeared over the fence, Brother Henry said, “That’s right little one. Run away. The window has saved you yet again…” The funny thing was though, she wasn’t really running. She seemed to just be walking away at a normal pace.

Henry watching squirrel 5

Brother Henry seemed to think the squirrel was running away in fear. She just seemed to be walking to Me.

After the squirrel disappeared, Brother Henry turned to Me and said, “I almost feel sorry for the poor little thing. She probably won’t even be able to sleep tonight after such a scary encounter!” He then asked Me if today could be “Scared Squirrel Sunday”. Brother Henry asks for so little, I decided it would be OK to grant his request. As I walked away though, I couldn’t resist saying, “Yes, Brother Henry, today is now officially ‘Scared Squirrel Sunday’. If that squirrel comes back though, could you please take it easy on her? I think just the sight of you almost gave her a heart attack!”

Upon hearing that, Brother Henry began to purr loudly. He always has had trouble recognizing sarcasm.

So Sayeth Otis

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18 responses to “Scared Squirrel Sunday

  1. spittythekitty

    I think that squirrel looked terrified! Why, she was shaking in her tiny shoes! She could barely keep her balance on that fence she was so petrified by the sight of Brother Henry on the other side of that window. Poor thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if she ran off to a whole different back yard and never returned.

    Or not.

  2. Squirrels never come near our balcony. I see to it. My Mama says they don’t sit on our balcony because we live way up high above the trees. If that makes her feel better it’s ok with me.

  3. ena

    I can’t believe a cat has trouble recognizing sarcasm…. I thought cats invented it!

  4. Ha! Those squirrels are evil, we tell ya. They sit and taunt us…but one day we’re gonna get them!

  5. Fun shots and banter for a squirrel Sunday.

  6. Well, that was obviously a nearsighted squirrel who didn’t know her doom was on the other side of that glass… Poor thing, I wonder where she can get some tiny eye glasses so next time she’ll know what windows to avoid!

  7. We think to squirrel was coming closer to the window because she was mesmerized by Brother’s Henry’s predatory gaze. She was drawn against her will…until, at the very last second…she wrenched herself away from that magnetic force, drawing her ever closer to her doom! * “Hitch! Leader Otis already wrote the blog! I said you could comment, not take up story telling!” Mistletoe rolls her eyes,* Sorry, Mistletoe, Leader Otis. * Hitch ducks head, embarrassed ears*. But, I bet that’s just how Brother Henry remembers it! *Hitch sticks his tongue out at Mistletoe and bounds away. Mistletoe sighs*. Sorry, Leader Otis. He seem to think he’s a great writer lately! Thanks for Scared Squirrel Sunday. I’d go see if I can scare a squirrel or two through the window!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  8. Mornin Otis! That squirrel would not have stayed there long if our Spot (rat terrier) had seen her! Any small animal like that is her breeds prey and she goes nuts with high pitch barking! At her old home it was squirrels and here it’s bunny rabbits!

    • And Brother Henry would not have stayed there long if a dog started barking either! He would have run off to sound the alarm, believing that the LFDU had finally started! 🙂

  9. RC Cat. “The squirrel was obviously almost frozen into inaction – it took great effort to slowly walk away with such terror. Good job, Defender of the Realm! We salute your brilliant use of telepathic defense!”

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