Too Bright For Shadows

My Disciples,

The weirdest thing happened this morning. I walked into the living room about two hours after the sun came up, and I thought I heard a voice saying, “I am as shadow. I am as shadow.”, over and over again. The voice seemed to be loudest over near the couch, so I walked over there to investigate. As I drew near to the couch the voice stopped, but I almost thought I saw a kitty peering out at Me from underneath.

Thomas, daylight shadow 1

The voice seemed to be coming from the couch. As I drew near, I thought I saw a kitty under there.

Feeling a little nervous now, I called out, “Hello? Is there someone under the couch?” Moving even closer I said, “If you are under there, please declare yourself. Don’t make Me call Brother Henry!” I thought I heard a small gasp, or maybe a “gulp” sound when I said that, and then I had the impression of movement. Something seemed to shoot out from under the back of the couch. I rushed around to the side and I think I caught a blurry glimpse of something furry dashing through the office door.

Thomas, daylight shadow 2

I think something shot out from the back of the couch and continued through the office. I barely saw it though.

I almost thought I had imagined everything, but then I heard a voice, fading as it went, saying, “Daytime is too bright for shadows…” And then all was silent. I had Brother Henry do a security sweep after that, just to make sure we didn’t have an LFDU infiltrator on the premises, but he found nothing amiss. I guess I really might have imagined the whole thing.

So Sayeth Otis

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21 responses to “Too Bright For Shadows

  1. Scary. Good job Henry

  2. I see a furry fluffy tail and white paws…Agent T???

  3. Agent T may need a refresher stealth class!

  4. spittythekitty

    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. . .uh. . . Kitties?
    The Shadow knows.

  5. There couldn’t be someone….in the house? Nah, of course not. What a silly thought. How could someone unknown be in the shadows? Perhaps it’s your subconscious, trying to tell you something?
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. Otis, I think you are well on your way to having another super amazing agent for your cause! Maybe one that works better at night… but hey, you need someone 24hours a day, right?
    ..Not that this has anything to do with what you said today…. 😉

  7. Maybe you have a friend keeping an eye out for short dogs, say maybe wiener dogs?

  8. We wanna know that Shadow’s name.

  9. Murphy

    Did you see someone? I doubt it…:)

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