Brother Oliver Captures Brother Henry’s Soft Side

My Disciples,

Now that Brother Oliver is taking photos again, he’s always looking for appropriate subjects. Yesterday, he decided that he wanted to try to capture the softer side of The Muscle of The Cult of Otis, Brother Henry. To that end, he snuck up on Brother Henry while he was resting and snapped the following photo.

Brother Henry's Softer Side

Brother Oliver calls this “The Soft Side of Brother Henry”.

I have to say, I think he was successful. Brother Henry looks very calm and sweet in the photo. There is no hint of his intimidating security persona coming through. Of course, the sound of the shutter immediately put Brother Henry on high alert. He thought that perhaps the Long-feared Dog Uprising had begun while he was napping. He snapped his head left and right, and Brother Oliver caught another image.

Brother Henry On the Lookout

Brother Oliver caught this image after the first one. He calls it “The Muscle on Alert”.

Once Brother Henry was awake, the photo session was pretty much over. Well, Brother Oliver tried to keep taking photos but Brother Henry told him he should do something useful, like take the camera to the front window and photograph any suspicious activity that he saw outside. Brother Oliver said he would do that, but only after he went and checked for any suspicious activity around the food bowl.

So Sayeth Otis

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17 responses to “Brother Oliver Captures Brother Henry’s Soft Side

  1. Aww! Brother Henry is cute when he’s not on alert :). Great photo Brother Oliver!

  2. Gorgeous portraits ( I’d offer a softy squishy hug for Bro. Henry, but it might blow his tough guy image)

  3. You have to be seriously concerned about suspicious activity around the food bowls! We do love the portraits!

  4. spittythekitty

    It’s kind of a sad betrayal when your own BROTHER starts in with the flashy box.

    The Human is all a-squee from staring at Brother Henry’s sweet pawsies (sorry Dude–I couldn’t keep her from typing that).

    • Well, Brother Henry is kind of jerky to Brother Oliver now and then (he likes to practice his security moves on him) so I think it’s fair. Oh, and I know how hard it is to keep the humans away from the keyboard sometimes. 😉

  5. We think Brother Oliver did a great job in catching Brother Henry’s softer side.

  6. Our HuMom wishes she was able to take such awesome photos of the cats around here. Brother Oliver is very accomplished.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

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