Mama Cat’s Exhibition: Part III- The Big Finish

My Disciples,

When we left off yesterday, Mama Cat had just blown us away with the new move she calls “The Cold Frame Catapult”. She had landed back up on the  the cement wall, and was in a ready stance. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, could have prepared us for the performance that would follow.

Mama Cat exhibition 17

As the handler made the next pass with the bird, Mama cat brought her foot down on it, stopping it cold. With an intense look on her face she said, “Stuff just got real!” I heard Brothers Henry and Oliver gasp in unison next to me.

Mama Cat exhibition 18

Suddenly, Mama Cat lifted her paw, and with a cry of “FLY LITTLE BIRD!” sent the artificial bird back into the air. Things happened quickly after that.

Mama Cat exhibition 19

On the bird’s next pass, Mama shouted, “SUPER WHEELIE!!!”, and scored a direct, two pawed strike on the bird.

Mama Cat exhibition 20

As the bird passed again, she seemed to be preparing to jump. I braced Myself for her signature move.

Mama Cat exhibition 21

With a shout of “FLYING SQUIRREL!” Mama was airborne. The Brothers and I yowled out loud in approval.

Mama Cat exhibition 22

On the next pass, Mama went bipedal. With a piercing yell of “FOREPAWS OF FURY!” she savagely mauled the airborne bird.

Mama Cat exhibition 23

On what would be the bird’s final pass, Mama Cat yelled, “POWER POUNCE!” and then lunged forward, pinning the artificial bird to the ground.

Mama Cat exhibition 24

Mama got the bird situated in her mouth…

Mama Cat exhibition 25

… and then she began a sophisticated ground work routine.

Mama Cat exhibition 26

She twisted to her left, executing a roll.

Mama Cat exhibition 27

To our amazement, she completed the roll and ended up sitting on her belly. Without losing her grip on the bird, she raised her right forepaw in a show of props to the bird handler!

Mama Cat exhibition 28

After giving props to the handler, Mama shifted to a sitting position. She repositioned her mouth on the bird, and we knew the kill was coming.

Mama Cat exhibition 29

And there it was! Mama Cat bore down on the bird and put on an intense kill face that likely struck fear into every small animal within a 10 block radius.

Mama Cat exhibition 30

Having completed her exhibition, she looked up at us. We were silent for five full seconds and then we went crazy! The Brothers and I ran all around our enclosure yowling and yelling. Mama’s performance had been everything that we hoped and more.

Mama Cat exhibition 31

Once we had calmed down, I congratulated Mama Cat on a gold medal worthy performance. She thanked Me, and seemed very pleased by the praise.

I don’t know when the next full Catlympics will happen, but Mama Cat has certainly done an amazing job of keeping the spirit alive. When the games do come around again, It is very clear that she will be the kitty to beat.

So Sayeth Otis

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31 responses to “Mama Cat’s Exhibition: Part III- The Big Finish

  1. Mama Cat has incredible skills! The exhibition was an awesome idea, Leader Otis.

  2. catfromhell

    Mama Cat has pawsome style! Incredible!

  3. 2 cats

    Amazing skills

  4. Nijinsky cat

    I think I have a crush on Mama Cat.

  5. WOW Mama Cat – you are a marvel 😀

  6. How do you get those awesome action shots?!

  7. merbear74

    So needed this today..Mama cat is awesome!!

  8. Batya Harlow

    Kudos to the bird handler for making time for Mama Cat. Looks like she enjoyed it very much. Just wonder if the people she lives with ever provide this for her.

  9. Oh my gosh! Wowwee!! Momma Cat’s got skillz! That ladycat is amazing! Whoo hoo!
    Wow, that made ME tired… time for a nap!

  10. ::applause applause:: That was a great exhibition! Mama Cat sure has all the right moves!!

  11. spittythekitty

    Flying Squirrel! Forepaws of Fury! I am STOKED! MamaCat is the Bomb, Otis! And she’s easy on the eyes, too. Just sayin’.

  12. Speechless!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  13. Great job Mama Cat!!! We are very impressed with your skills

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