Cookie Makes A Request

My Disciples,

This morning it was actually nice enough outside that the Guardians kept the door to My Outdoor Domain open. Brother Oliver and I were out there for awhile, but I got a little chilled and came back inside. As I was leaving, I heard Brother Oliver say, someone’s behind the fence over there. I think I heard some movement.

Oliver spotting Cookie

As I was heading inside, Brother Oliver said he thought someone was behind the fence.

Later, Brother Oliver told Me that he had been right. Shortly after I left, Cookie appeared from behind the fence. Brother Oliver greeted her and asked how she was doing.

Cookie appears

It was Cookie that had been behind the fence. Brother Oliver asked how she was doing.

Cookie said she was doing OK, but Mama cat has been driving her a little crazy. She said that Mama has been constantly going on about how she was told she would be able to compete in the 2012 Catlympics, but then the Catlympics never happened. Cookie said she tried to reason with Mama to make her understand that the Catlympics had been delayed due to The Leader’s Hipsterectomy and ongoing recovery, but Mama would hear none of it. Cookie was becoming very frustrated with the situation.

Cookie talking to Oliver

Cookie said that Mama had been driving her crazy talking about the cancelled Catlympics.

Brother Oliver asked Cookie if there was anything we could do to help. Cookie said that it might be helpful if we allowed Mama Cat to at least stage an exhibition. That way she would feel like the Catlympics had not been completely forgotten. Brother Oliver said he would see what he could do.

When Brother Oliver reported all of this to Me later on, I felt more than a little guilty that my surgerization had put such a damper on Mama Cat’s Catlympic ambitions. I decided to do something to remedy the situation.

So Sayeth Otis

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13 responses to “Cookie Makes A Request

  1. Awe, Cookie is cute. I once met a similar looking cat named Snickers. She was very friendly.

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Our HuMom says she knows all about a Mama driving you crazy. So she assures us that anything you can do to make sure Mama gets …… *Wait! Mistletoe, that’s not right! Leader Otis is going to make Mama CAT happy!*. Oh….Sorry, Leader Otis……..We are sure anything you can do to make Mama Cat happy will be very much appreciated. *whoo that was a close one*. We look forward to watching Mama Cat in action!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  3. Otis, as Leader, I don’t see why you can’t just up and declare 2013 the year of the Cat Olympics and put them on anyway! Who cares when the silly humans say the olympics are.. Since when do cats follow human rules? 😉

  4. We agree with the Celestial Kitties. 2013 is the purrfect year for the Catlympics!!

  5. Cookie is such a cute kitty-pie! Please tell me she has guardians.

    • She has guardians, Pezcita, but she is a Limbo kitty. The window of her house is left open so she can come and go to the world without walls as she pleases. The Guardians of Otis have been watching out for her ever since we moved to our current home.

  6. spittythekitty

    Cookie’s a cutie. I would enjoy seeing Catlympics. I am really a klutzy kitteh, so I doubt I could win a medal or nuffing, but still, it sounds like fun. 2013 would be purrfect.

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