A Blind Kitty Is Lost

My Disciples,

Another lost poster has gone up. This is always a bad thing, but this one makes Me particularly sad because the poor missing kitty is blind.

Lost Cat Poster- Blind Kitty-2

Ella is missing, and she is also blind. I purr that she has been found by a caring individual.

The outside world is a dangerous place for kitties even if they are fully sighted. How could poor Ella be expected to stay safe without safe boundaries? Please purr with Me that this beautiful girl is someplace safe and sound, and please ensure that your kitties always are as well.

So Sayeth Otis

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20 responses to “A Blind Kitty Is Lost

  1. I am so very sad to read this post.

  2. Linda

    Poor Ella, I am purring she is safe and will be safely home soon. Is she lost in W. Seattle?

  3. 2 cats

    Hopefully she will get home safely. I would like to think a blind 11 year old cat is an escapee rather than neglected.

  4. Who in the world would allow a blind kitty free access to the outside world? I’m hoping this kitty is soon found safe and then kept in a more appropriate environment. Unless she is an escapee, her guardians have some some soul searching to do!

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Our HuMom got upset over this lost kitty. She always tries to send positive, hopeful energy to the lost kitty, hoping her prayer will help the kitty find safety and love. She also hopes the owners find some comfort in the energy directed toward bringing their kitty home. She know she would be terrified for any of us to be lost in the outside world. However Ella came to be lost we hope she finds her way to safety soon.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. I do not like this post, but I like your efforts to continue to spread the Good Word. I cannot comprehend how anyone can let an 11-year-old blind cat outside. I agree with Lapcats–unless this was an escape situation, those humans don’t deserve to have her back. I hope someone else found her and is loving her to pieces even as we speak.

    • I know, Christine, it is hard to imagine. I don’t wish pain on anyone, and I know Ella’s guardians must miss her to put up the posters, but if they allowed her to roam without safe boundaries… well, Ella’s safety is foremost in My mind. My greatest wish is that if they do get her back they realize that they need to keep her safe so that this never happens again. I hope it was either an accident, or a mistake that will teach them to be true Guardians.

  7. Heather

    Odds are that the cat just escaped and wasn’t allowed out willy nilly. Maybe they just moved and she was freaked. Maybe they had workers in the house and one of them accidentally let her out. Maybe she got spooked by something inside and bolted. I’m surprised more folks haven’t had a cat escape. Even cat expert Franny on about.com has had a miss or two. I know I had a lot of problems with this issue and it took a lot of trial and error to find a good solution.

    Otis, I love that you raise awareness on keeping kitties safe, but I’m shocked by the sheer number of cats that go missing in your area. Do you live close to a university or company that uses animals for research? It just seems off that so many cats are disappearing.

    • I’m not sure if more cats disappear in My area than elsewhere, or if it is just more common for people here to post signs when the cats disappear. Or perhaps the Guardians are just so tuned in to posters that they are always on the lookout and notice them more than most people do. It might also be a reflection of the high number of cats that people have in this city. We are very popular here, so perhaps there are simply more of us to get lost. Whatever the reason, I hope that showing all of these posters drives home the importance of not intentionally letting your kitties roam the neighborhood. The risk is simply too high.

  8. Otis, we join you in purring that this kitty is found safe and sound.

  9. Keeping everything crossed!!

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