My Emotions Got the Best of Me

My Disciples,

Oh my gosh. last night, the Guardians did it. They turned on the best thing in the history of everything ever. I call it the Tower of Toastiness. We haven’t really seen it much since we moved into our current house. It tends to stay warmer here than at our last place, so I guess there’s not as much need for the TOT. But last night they pulled it out. Apparently, they did it just for us kitties too, because they put a nice comfy blanket right next to it! Brother Oliver and I climbed onto the blanket and waited for the warmth. I put My backside toward it since My fur is still kind of short from when I was surgerized.

Radiator 1

Brother Oliver and I sat by the Tower of Toastiness and waited for the warmth. I wanted to warm my rear first since the fur is still shorter there from My Hipsterectomy.

As the TOT heated up, I felt the rays of heat penetrating My body. A great happiness welled up inside Me. Before I even knew what I was doing, I was overcome with emotion. I turned and yelled at the Tower of Toastiness. I said, “I LOVE YOU TOWER OF TOASTINESS!”

Radiator 2

I was overcome with emotion as the tower toasted My body. I yelled to the tower that I loved it.

One of the Guardians walked into the room and looked at Brother Oliver and Me. We just stared back at him until, with a puzzled look on his face, he left the room. I then plopped down to fully embrace the booty toasting I was receiving.

Radiator 3

One of the Guardians must have heard Me yell. He came in and looked at us but then left.

I’m not sure why the Guardians decided to pull the Tower of Toastiness out again, but I’m not going to question their decision. After all, the Guardians work in mysterious ways, and sometimes those ways are pretty awesome.

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31 responses to “My Emotions Got the Best of Me

  1. I think I need a tower of toastiness at work. My legs get pretty cold.

  2. ena

    toasted buns. How nice.

  3. we gots one of those – mom pulls it out sometimes when it gets really chilly in the house – Ivy and Mo LOVE it!!

  4. Batya Harlow

    Aren’t they great? I like your name, Tower of Toastiness. I just think of them as kitty magnets. Should be especially good for your surgerized section.

  5. Ah yes, warm buns are always better than cold ones! That looks like a great place to snuggle and stay warm! Without having to bury your nose in somecat’s stomach and nearly smother! Hee hee

  6. There are no Towers of Toastiness here at the home of Preistess Jen and Miss P., but our old place (which we lived in before we had cats) was full of them. Still remember my folks moving one of them from the hallway to one of the bedrooms. I’m sure they still remember what hard work it was!

  7. Got a warm feeling just watching you enjoy the Tower or Toastiness!

  8. spittythekitty

    My TOT is built-in, but the Human must turn the Knob of Toastiness to provide the benefit. As far as I am concerned, this does not happen nearly often enough. I *live* for these eight words: “Gee, Spitty, it’s kind of cold in here.”

  9. Wow, Leader Otis, we’re glad you got to warm your backside.

  10. mistletoeandhitch

    We are glad the Tower of Toastiness is once again warming you all, both inside and out. Only good things come from allowing the love that fills you to spill over on those around you! Hooray for the mysterious Guardians! This makes up for them using your treat-ments as time for their exercise.
    Enjoy the warmth!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  11. Do you think you could loan it out? I am freezing!! Another random question, and nothing to worry about but where in the world are your head quarters?

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