I Think I Have Sleep Apnea

My Disciples,

I have heard one of the Guardians talking about something called “Sleep Apnea”. Apparently it means that you constantly stop breathing while you are trying to sleep and you end up sort of waking up all the time and never getting any real rest. Well, I think I have this affliction! I spent all day yesterday sleeping on the couch with Brothers Henry and Oliver, and when I woke up, I felt like I hadn’t been able to breathe for long time!

Otis Apnea

I spent all day yesterday sleeping with Brothers Henry and Oliver, but I didn’t feel rested. I must have Sleep Apnea!

I’m a little concerned, because I need My rest to be able to effectively carry out My official Cult business. I just can’t imagine why now, after all these years of normal sleep, I am suddenly struggling with My breathing! It just doesn’t make sense!

Otis Apnea 2

I didn’t have apnea before, why is it starting now?

I guess maybe I’m just getting older and this whole difficulty breathing while sleeping thing is just a part of the aging process. Dang. I wonder if they make those weird breathing machines that human apnea sufferers use in kitty size. I think I might need one.

So Sayeth Otis

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28 responses to “I Think I Have Sleep Apnea

  1. ena

    “heads up” Otis, all is well.

  2. Oh I adore these giant pile o’ tabby photos. You boys are such snugglebugs.

  3. I think your problem is that everyone likes to sleep on top of your head. If you use them as pillows instead, you will have less of a problem.

  4. um – we don’t think age is your problem…. hahaha

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Poor Leader Otis. Maybe you could ask the Brothers Oliver and Henry to stand guard while you sleep. We feel sure that if they remain in an upright position, about a foot or so away from you, you will be able to relax and get the sleep you need. Sometimes we just need to know that someone is watching over us. Several inches over if we are lucky.
    Good sleeping
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  6. Good heavens! I’m not sure apnia is the right diagnosis here.. Perhaps you have Brotherly Induced Smotherly Affection Afliction, BISAA for short.. 😉
    Perhaps if you turn your head upwards, you might breath a little better?

  7. Sure is tough to breathe with another cat on your face. Maybe Jon Arbuckle from Garfield would have some tips on how to keep them off your face, or at least breathe around them.

  8. Batya Harlow

    Sleep catnapia sounds more accurate. Perhaps a small scuba mask while you’re trying to sleep would help. But very cute picture of tabby pile.

  9. Otis, have you seen the way you sleep lately? I’m glad you and the brothers get along so well, but you may need to opt out of snuggly once and awhile, either that or get your head on one of them.

  10. You guys need a little more room there!!

  11. What an adorable picture. Otis, you are so blessed to have Brothers who love you so!

  12. spittythekitty

    If I were the Human wif the Flashy Box, I think I might be a little a-skeered of the Big Bruiser Bouncer Brother Kittehs. You may be deprived of oxygen, Leader Otis, but You are furry well protected.

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