Safely Confined Vs. Free Roaming

My Disciples,

If you keep your kitty safely confined, you control his or her access to dangerous situations. If your kitty ends up sitting someplace for hours on end, it will probably be someplace like this:

Henry being Henry-2

Brother Henry sat here for hours! Just because he wanted to though…

Now, if you don’t keep your kitty safely confined,  you have absolutely no control over his or her surroundings. While a safely confined kitty may end up spending hours on the couch, a non-safely confined kitty can end up spending hours or days someplace much less safe or comfortable. Need an example? Here you go: Seattle City Light Rescues Cat from Power Pole.

Brother Henry is definitely a climber, so absent the proper boundaries he could easily become that poor power pole kitty. But the Guardians would never let that happen, so instead Brother Henry sits on comfy couches and safe cat trees.

Please give your kitties the safe boundaries they deserve. Make sure the only place they will end up sitting is someplace, warm, comfortable and protected from the dangers of the outside world.

So Sayeth Otis

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20 responses to “Safely Confined Vs. Free Roaming

  1. Jenn

    Another great entry on the dangers of allowing cats to roam outside! Thanks for doing so much to draw attention to this issue Leader Otis, I’ve been referring people far and wide to your wonderful blog, both in my personal life and as part of my work at an animal protection organization. May everyone embrace Your Good Word!

  2. RC cat was a get stuck in high places and can’t get down tiny limbo kitty. It took quite an effort to coax her within reach. She does not get out without a leash now because she will zoom to the highest spot around.
    Although she does enjoy Towel Shelf Mountain loft, she normally chooses mid-rise dwellings inside.
    RC says she only went to the tallest location as a kitten to spot the best home she could find(and yell loudly for them to come get her) – and to stay out of reach of those who would not be the best owners. Turned out to be a smart decision.

  3. Gorgeous photo of you Otis, you handsome guy!

  4. Once, Preshy did get trapped somewhere where she probably didn’t want to be – out between some boxes in the mudroom. Must have gone out there after a mouse or a spider. We knew she was in the house somewhere, so it didn’t take long to find her. We wouldn’t have that peace of mind if she was an outdoor cat!

    • I once got stuck behind the washing machine. Well, I wasn’t really stuck. I was just really scared because someone I didn’t know had entered the house. The Guardians found Me pretty quickly after the unknown person left though. 🙂

  5. Those are wise words, Leader Otis. Once I got locked out in the garage for about 2 hours…and it was cold in there! I’d much rather be sitting on the couch safe and warm.


  6. mistletoeandhitch

    That small black cat looks so much like Mistletoe, although I’m the one that tends to got up and get stuck. I was lucky and the firemen came with their ladder truck to save me both times I slipped out while the humans were coming in. We hope that poor, scared kitty manages to get down soon. Thanks for reminding us all of some of the dangers in the world without walls. It makes getting locked in the closet by accident seem like nothing more that a chance for a long nap.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Brother Henry got locked in the closet once. The Guardian felt terrible when he found him in there! The poor kitty in the blog post has been rescued. Now they are looking for her home, or a new one if she doesn’t have one…

      • mistletoeandhitch

        It’s good the poor lost kitty got down. We will be purring that she finds a home soon. The twins taught me how to open the sliding closet doors so we boys never get locked in, unless we sneak in the closets with regular doors. Mistletoe just yells if she’s locked in a closet. She’s small, but her voice is very loud so she gets out pretty quick.
        Stay safe!

      • Brother Henry can open sliding doors too. Brother Oliver and I know how as well, but we aren’t quite strong enough to do it. When I get locked in somewhere, The Brothers yell at the Guardians and make them follow them to Me. They’ve done that for Me many times. 🙂

  7. spittythekitty

    I love to sits for hours and hours on my cat tree and watch all the stoopy Humans doing ridiculous things outside on the sidewalk. I have zero desire to go out there when I am warm and safe AND entertained by their shenanigans right in my very own home with my foods and my toys and my beddies.

    • Ditto Spitty!. Our cat tree in the front window is like a sofa sitting in front of a huge TV. We get to watch all the people (and dogs) outside, as well as all of the crunchy little birds and squirrels. Oh, and we see the Limbo kitties too, and we worry about them all the time! Minerva very nearly got run over when she dashed across the street the other day!

  8. Oh my gosh, I’m so glad there are climbing towers! No kitty should be stuck up a pole like that! Thank goodness for your guardians protecting you all, and for you spreading the good word!

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