Workin’ It

My Disciples,

All right. I can do this I know I can. Here we go.

Otis self exercise 1

I’m ready to do this. Let’s get this show on the road. And…

Otis self exercise 2


Otis self exercise 3

Huh… that wasn’t so bad! My leg’s been stiff after My Hipsterectomy, so I thought that would be harder. Here we go again. And…

Otis self exercise 4


Otis self exercise 5

Ha! Ha! Ha! So easy. I could do this all day. My leg will be back in shape in no time. Here we go again. And… wait, what?

Otis self exercise 6

What Brother Oliver? WHAT! I’m exercising the wrong leg? Are you sure? Oh yeah. You’re right. It was My right leg that was surgerized. No wonder this was so easy…

Otis self exercise 7

Blast you, reality!



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26 responses to “Workin’ It

  1. Poor little kitty! Hope it feels better soon.

  2. Nijinsky cat

    Otis you look thinner! Have you lost weight since your Hipsterectomy??

  3. Reality is not all it’s cracked up to be!

  4. Tell Brother Oliver you reject his reality and substitute your own!

  5. Love that first photo. The expression is priceless.

  6. Otis sweetheart, you’re still doing good. You have to work both legs anyway, right? Gotta keep the good one moving while you work on the surgerized one! So stick your tongue out at Oliver and tell him you’re just getting started! MOL

  7. spittythekitty

    See, now this is why sometimes it is good to be the Only Kitty. No dumb brother to set a kitty straight; I can just live in my own reality all the time!
    I bet Your hipsterectomized leg is going to be better as each week goes by–that was a Big Operation, Leader Otis! But the Celestial Kitties is right–all exercises are good!

  8. Oh Leader Otis, we know your surgerized leg will be good as new real soon!

  9. mistletoeandhitch

    Dear Leader Otis,
    I was just saying to Mistletoe the other day, this reality stuff really sucks sometimes. Then she smacked me upside the head. Oh well, (sigh) enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  10. Don’t worry! Always start with the good one and you’ll be motivated to try with the other one. 😉

  11. You are one adorable fury friend! Fabulous photos. Paulette

  12. Otis – it’s not a mistake – your injured leg is getting some work as you balance and stretch the opposite leg. All that flexing, stretching, pushing – it all helps. Keep going Otis!

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