We Have It Under Control Here

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here. Don’t worry. We’re having a bit of a moment, but we have it all under control here. We got him covered.

We Got Him 1

It’s under control. Brother Oliver and I are on the job.

It seems that all the recent talk about outdoor kitties and wildlife has caused The Leader to have flashbacks about His first year of life. The time He spent alone in the wilderness was terrifying, and the memories of it haunt him to this day. He…ohhhh man… let it out buddy… let it all out Leader Otis… I got you…

We Got Him 2

Let it all out. I got you.

And it’s not just His experiences that are troubling Him. He knows other kitties are out there right now, suffering as He did. They are frightened and they don’t know where to turn for help. Some of them are so badly damaged that they are too afraid to even seek help anymore. They have fallen into the shadows and they suffer in silence. It’s alright Leader Otis, I’m here… I’m here.

We Got Him 3

I’m here Leader Otis… I’m here.

There, there, Leader Otis. It will all be OK. Yes, I do remember the 22 others. Β Yes, I know that a lot of them did suffer for a long time despite all our efforts, but many of them are now in loving homes. And you know what? Even those that could not be placed in homes are no longer afraid or in pain, and those that we knew well will be forever remembered as The Patron Saints. Their stories will help guide others down the path to helping kitties in need.

Yes. I know. The pain of it all is what drove you to bring this Cult together.Yes. Marvie. Especially Marvie. Now just let it all go and try to find some peace. There you go. Nice and calm. There you go.

We Got Him 4

There you go, Leader Otis. Let it go and find some peace.

OK. I think we’re through the worst of it here. Sometimes it all just gets a little too difficult for The Leader to bear. To be honest, I’m barely holding it together myself right now. I hate to see the little guy in such a state, and I feel the weight of His burdens too. I… ahhhhhhhhh… thanks Brother O!

We Got Him 5

Man, I needed that. Thanks so much Brother Oliver!

Alright. I think we’re all pretty worn out here now so I’m taking us to Defnap 1. This is the highest level of nap readiness there is. Hopefully The Leader will feel a little better when He wakes up. In the meantime, I know He would appreciate it if you reviewed The Commandments of Otis, The Nine Deadly Sins, and the stories of The Patron Saints. And please continue to do all that you can to make sure that all kitties are happy, healthy, and safely confined.

So Says Brother Henry


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32 responses to “We Have It Under Control Here

  1. 2 cats

    Such amazing photos, glad to see the leader has such handsome support

  2. awwww – we will send Leader Otis some long distance hugs too. It is sad to think of all the kitties out there. We care for our feral girl and worry about her alot….

  3. Unbelievable how much the three of them snuggle even as adults. Heart warming for sure. And I join Leader O in fretting about the limbo kitties. And now all this negative news directed at ending the lives of feral cats in fact all cats if they show their faces outside. Where is this coming from? So strange and unnecessary IMHFO, paw pats, Savannah

  4. I feel the same heavy sadness for all of the outdoor kitties, especially when the weather is so bitterly cold here. Sending snuggles your way, Leader Otis.

  5. Ooh.. Otis looked so sad…

  6. It’s raining all over my face! Biggest snuggles to the Leader and Brothers! Sister Nymeria too remembers the bad place, but she finds that a good curl-up in front of the fire helps to forget. πŸ™‚

  7. Your camaraderie is heartwarming. Wonderful photos as always πŸ™‚

  8. Thank goodness for friends. (Shiver. Sending purrs of hope to limbo kitties)

  9. Oh you guys… It’s so good to see how devoted you are to each other! How loving and caring! We’re so glad you’re all together. And we hope to one day see Junior Agent T in that cuddle puddle too! Snuggles and love to you all!

    • I hope he joins us someday too, Andrea. He and I are pretty good friends now and we wrestle all the time. He’s still pretty skittish though so I think it will be a little while longer before he joins us on the couch.

      – Brother Henry

  10. We are glad to see Leader Otis has such good friends to help him through the fear that haunts him. Both Hitch and I came from the world without walls. We know that we are two of the lucky ones who found our furever home despite the odds being stacked against us. It’s hard to believe that after cats have done so much to protect mankind from vermin that now some are turning on us. Yesterday’s post was wonderful Leader Otis and today we recommend Sparkle’s blog post for another point of view. Cats are following their true nature when they hunt. Humans have no defense when we destroy and defile our environment and the creatures who share it with us. Thank you for speaking out and leading those of us who enjoy living with our feline friends.
    We send you strengthening purrs,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  11. spittythekitty

    I was a feral boy but only when I was a tiny kitten. Someone kidnapped, uh, “rescued” me and my littermates and we ended up at the stabby place and they found us all homes. I have a pretty sweet life here and as much as I may complain, things are good. You Boys look pretty adorable all squooshed up like that.

  12. Leader Otis, you are so lucky to have your brothers…and such a wonderful home. We read the Patron Saints stories and they made us sad. Our Zoey came from outside after spending almost the first year of her life out there. Even 5 years later, she is still learning to trust humans.

    • Brother Oliver and I were very lucky. We were with humans from the beginning, so we have always trusted the Guardians. Leader Otis took over 5 months to trust them and Thomas is still working on it going on 6 months now. I think he will make it all the way to lapcat status someday though. πŸ™‚

      – Brother Henry.

  13. I was out there by myself for a few weeks then a people picked me up and took me to the shelter. Mama found me there and now I have a home. It was scary out there and kinda scary in the shelter. I am glad you have the brothers and Guardians to give you loves and support.

  14. Miss Satchie

    aaaaaaaaw, how wonderful to have the support of your brothers!

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