Still Truckin’

My Disciples,

The Guardians are still giving Me regular treat-ments to help Me in My ongoing recovery from My Hipsterectomy. That’s great. I love the Treat-ments. They can keep giving them to Me forever if they would like. What I can do without though is them continuing to combine their own exercise with giving Me what I need! Last night was the same old story. One of the Guardians walked into the living room, held out My treat-ment and called My name. I was excited, of course, so I got on up and walked My limpy butt over there.

Otis PT walk 1

As usual, the Guardian made Me walk over to her for My treat-ment.

I arrived at the Guardian and dutifully took My treat-ment. I thought for a second that this was it, the night she would just give Me all the treat-ments right there instead of combining My healthcare with her nightly walk. But no. She got up, walked to the other side of the room, and held out My next treat-ment. So what could I do? Responsible kitty that I am, I started truckin’ across the living room again to get that next treat-ment. I have to admit though, I was rolling My eyes as I went.

Otis PT walk 2

Back I went, doing My best to avoid looking at the Guardian so she couldn’t see Me rolling My eyes.

Once again I arrived and was given My treat-ment. And now, the Guardian didn’t just get up and cross the room. She went all the way across the room and disappeared into the office. Then, I heard her in there calling My name. From the office! Now I had to go all the way to the office for My treat-ment!? What was that about? I have to tell you, I was not pleased. I even decided that I wasn’t going. Nope. I was just going to sit and wait for her to come back to Me. The way I figured it, I was only doing her a favor because it meant she could get more exercise. That seemed to be what she wanted after all.

Otis PT walk 3

Yep. I was done with the silliness. I would sit and wait for the Guardian to bring My treat-ment back to Me!

Well, that was the plan anyway. After about 10 seconds though I began to worry that My recovery might suffer a setback if I didn’t get that next treat-ment in time. I mean, I definitely didn’t want to jeopardize My recovery! So I got up. I crossed the living room and headed for the office.

Otis PT walk 4

Blast the Guardian! I wasn’t going to let her make Me late for My treat-ment.

I arrived at the Guardian, received My treat-ment and also got a ton of praise and pets, which I knew meant that the session was over. The funny thing was, I could have taken about ten times the treat-ments in the span of time that it had taken Me to down three. All the Guardian would have had to do is just save the walk for later and instead sit in one spot to dole out treat-ment after treat-ment. It’s so simple! Why are humans so difficult sometimes!

So Sayeth Otis

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26 responses to “Still Truckin’

  1. Chris

    Oh those mean Guardians! It’s a good thing you’re such a cooperative kitty, Otis.

  2. ena

    Indeed, why are humans so difficult. Buster is asking the same question, but with good reason, he doesn’t like his treat-ments…. which are not treats in his mind. Right now he has to take 4 pills a day, and even with the pill-pockets he hates it….. so I am having to fight with him. The end result, one very mad cat and one scratched up human. I am sure that he thinks that I should quit while I still have skin, but I come from a long line of stubborn, and this is for his own good. I hope both of you are feeling better soon. My question is: Why do cats fight what is good for them?

  3. Good of you to try and help out the guardians exercise regime πŸ™‚ Glad you are recovering and like the treat-ments – very clever

  4. Oh, Dearest Leader Otis. You ask the question that all Great Feline Leaders have ask throughout the ages. Why humans are so difficult?… heads the list, followed by,….Why don’t humans just allow the water to continue to pour from the silver spout? …. Why don’t they leave our favorite
    real, live, freeze dried shrimp on the table, instead of locking it the drawer? ….Why is catnip doled out is such small amounts on such rare occasions? …The list goes on and on. We are sure our HuMom cares for us and does her best to provide us with what we want and need, as we believe yours does also. If and when you figure out why they make everything so difficult on not just themselves, but, most importantly, on us, you will be able to command any price. The world will be at your feet on that day. We believe that if any cat can figure out our human companions, you, Leader Otis, are the one. But we believe it will take a great deal of study, even for one as learned as yourself. Remember, you are still recovering from your hipsterectomy and you mustn’t overdo. Cats have puzzled over the ways of humans since they were first tamed, so we think a bit longer won’t hurt. We wish you luck in your continued treat-ments.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  5. Poor Otis! I bet your treat-ment tasted all the better because you had to work so hard for it.

  6. RC Cat: “Dear Otis, Humans are such dunderheads sometimes. You are so kind to overlook their limitations. We hope there is a preheated warm soft cushion of dreams in a nice spot with a view for you. Olde Tiger highly recommended that when his hip hurt – but he was like 100 years old or something….Oh,fine. Not really, but his coat looked that old. And it is mostly untrue that We would sneak up and try to push him off of that warm bed….he was always willing to share.
    Best wishes for a smooth recovery.”

  7. catfromhell

    Dear Otis,
    me thinks that mhumans is furry difficult to train. Although mine does have a heating pad in her office for me, she has yet to get me a litter box, food dish and to dispense treats!
    One step at a time!

  8. spittythekitty

    You know, if Your Mom came over here, she could give the Human this treat-ment. Make her get her lazy butt in gear every time she wants another spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s. I think it would be really good for my Human to have to walk from room to room every time she wants another bite of something. Could You send Your Mom for a couple months?

  9. Leader Otis, you sure work hard getting your treat-ments. But we bet it’s worth it.

  10. Leader O…to see you moving, and I hope without pain, is so motivating. I will try hard to get my Mom to do treat-ments with me so i can give you some more motivation and encouragement. This will be hard, as I dont care one whit for any type of treat-ments…but I will try, your furriend, Savannah

    • Thanks for the encouragemenat, Savannah. But you don’t like treat-ments!? Wow! You are truly a one-of-a-kind kitty. πŸ™‚

      • I barely sniff any kind of treat-ment ever offered: fish, chick,beef, tuna flakes,chick/liv…seriously Mom has tried everything. And I take sniff of people food, and turn away. Milk, yogurt, chicken liver, chicken, beef, tilapia, salmon,butter, cheese, cream cheese…nada interest. No nip,not silver vine, not honesuckle.

        The only thing I come running for is when I get my prescription dry food…I get a tiny bit in AM and PM between my main meals of canned food. I had a very serious bladder infection when I first came and our VET said I would always require prescription dry…and that my primary food should always be canned, any kine tho’ I personally prefer Friskies chick or beef with liver. I am different for Dad and Mom for sure…purrrs to all, Savvy

      • Wow! I would eat ALL those things, Savannah! πŸ™‚

  11. Look at you go, Otis! You’re recovering, being a good boy and taking your treat-ments AND helping your guardian! You’re wonderful! I hope your walking is getting easier and your hip is feeling better all the time! We are still purring for you!

  12. At least we agree on somethings my furiend!

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